Your Child Has Lice- Do’s and Don’ts


  • Do stay calm.If the school nurse calls to report that your child has lice, pick them up from school and try and relax.
  • Don’t tear your home apart.Only wash the bedding from the person that has head lice. You don’t need to launder every piece of clothing in their closet. If they wore a jacket within the last two days and will wear it again within two days, wash it in hot water, put it in dryer, or put it away for two days. Live lice can’t live off of the head for more than two days and you can’t catch nits.
  • Do Let everyone that has been in close contact know that your child has head Your call could prompt them to check for lice and will help to prevent your family from getting it back. This includes grandparents, sitters and friends.


Don’t use chemicals. Even the latest prescription medication, Sklice, reports that they are only 74% effective.

Lice Be Gone’s services are non-toxic and chemical free

Relax! Getting rid of lice is easy with Lice Be Gone.

Be lice and nit free quickly without the use of toxins or chemicals. After just one treatment, return to work, school or camp without the risk of infesting others. Learn to delouse your home and avoid reinfestation. Our confidential service is performed / managed by a Registered Nurse in our dedicated Lice Treatment Center in Short Hills, NJ. or Bergen County (office opening soon)

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