Why Use a Professional Lice Treatment Center

Whether you’ve picked up lice at work or the kids bring them home from school, no one is happy to discover an infestation. Too many people immediately turn to the internet or well-meaning family and friends, hoping to find a solution that will be easy and effective. Unfortunately, most natural home remedies and chemical solutions fail to deliver and leaving even a few lice or nits behind ensures you’ll have to start the entire process over again. If you’re considering options for lice treatment, Lice Be Gone explains why it’s always best to turn to the professionals.

Ineffective Chemical Methods

Lice and nits, their eggs, are extremely resistant to at-home removal methods, including chemical solutions. Not only will these treatments fail to resolve the problem – they can leave you feeling itchy and dry as a result of the product’s residue. Common problems with at-home lice treatments include:

  • Using unnecessary chemicals
  • Not being 100% successful the first time
  • Wasting hours of valuable time
  • Messy home cleanup
  • Irritating scalp from using products

Many schools and childcare programs require a note from a professional that certifies lice have been completely removed before kids can return. That means you may require additional treatment after spending time and money on methods that prove ineffective and irritating.

The Problem of At-Home Removal

Removing lice by hand avoids the problems associated with chemical treatments. Lice and nit removal is more difficult than you may imagine. Each louse is about the size of a sesame seed is reddish-brown, or black in color. They’re able to move quickly through hair making them hard to find.

Nits are more visible but easily confused with dandruff, scabs, and lint. At the same time, even if you’re able to eliminate lice on one family member, the insects will move freely from person to person and items in the home. Missing just one or two lice or nit will result in cross-contamination and re-contamination, which are almost unavoidable without support from professional lice removal experts.

Always Choose the Professionals

Lice Be Gone offers treatment in Waldrick and Short Hills, New Jersey, where we resolve lice and nit infestations daily. Our professional technicians have extensive experience in recognizing lice and nits and remove each pest by hand. Developed through a long history of success, our process includes:

  • Specialized equipment and lighting to aid identification
  • Multiple staff to treat your family
  • Flexible appointment times
  • Information on how to treat home infestations
  • Chemical-free removal

Technicians work together, checking partners’ work to confirm the eradication of lice and nits with 100% accuracy. At the same time, clients also receive education on lice facts and myths to help free the home from remaining insects and remove the stigma surrounding outbreaks.

Seek Professional Lice Treatment Today

Owned and operated by a nurse with more than 25 years of experience, Lice Be Gone understands that professional lice treatment is the best way to stop an infestation. Our highly trained, caring team can put your mind at ease with safe, effective treatments that will have you and your family back to normal in no time. Contact us today to learn more about screenings for residents of Central and Northern NJ, Bergen County NJ, Staten Island, and Rockland County and Orange County, NY.

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