What Do Nits Look Like

Head lice and nits can be hard to find. Nits are symmetrical, oval and attached to the side of the hair at a slight angle. The photo below is of numerous nits. There is a lot of “nit confusion”. You are welcome to contact us and we can determine if what you are seeing is lice related.

The second photo is not of a nit, the third photo is a nit.

Most people don’t know what lice and nits look like. Once someone hears that their child has been exposed to lice, they think that every spec of dust in their child’s hair is a nit or a bug. We encourage them to take photos and to send them in. Here is an example of one photo. This is a nit. Notice, it’s symmetrical, oval, attached to the hair shaft at a slight angle, is brown in color and the hair is not going through the nit.

The strand of hair on the left side of the photo has a nit attached to it and the strand of hair on the right side doesn’t have a nit attached. You’re welcome to contact Lice Be Gone if you want to send us a photo and get our professional opinion. We can let you know if you’re unnecessarily worrying and put your mind at ease and get rid of all nits and lice if your family actually has head lice.

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