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  • Ever since we started using Lice Be Gone for our elementary department we simply have never had a lice issue in our school or community.  Lice Be Gone works with our schedule and has been a very pleasant experience.  The clinic is second to none! They do a very professional job and do everything to make the child comfortable.

    Rabbi Boruch Hecht Rabbinical College of America
  • We tried getting rid of it on our own and only until we went to Lice Be Gone did we succeed. They got the job done in one shot. Great staff and great service.

    Stephen Waller Rockland County, NY
  • Terrific service, technicians that worked with my family were kind and patient.  I felt relieved by the time I left lice free!

    Lori Kaplan Bridgewater, NJ
  • I never thought that my family (my 3 kids and myself included) would ever have to deal with head lice. The women at Lice be gone made a miserable situation as easy as possible. The center was immaculate, and the atmosphere was calming. Not at all what I expected. I left the center feeling confident  my family were lice free.

    Lisa Hess Flemington, NJ
  • Thank you Lice Be Gone ladies for your patience and kindness you showed my family. Great service – don’t waste time trying to tackle head lice on your own. Go directly to Lice Be Gone.

    Danielle Rose Montclair, NJ
  • My pediatrician recommended Lice Be Gone. I was hesitant to spend money on lice removal. It was a great service and relieved to get problem solved.

    Lauren Cohen South Orange, NJ
  • I went to Lice Be Gone thinking that my daughter and I both had lice since we spent time with family that had it. Very impressed with their honesty and relieved that neither of us had lice. Thorough screening and welcoming center.

    Nicole Esposito Jersey City, NJ
  • Lice was always a big problem in our schools. Especially at the start of the school year. Once we started working with Lice Be Gone to screen our students before they started classes in September we saw a huge decrease in the number of cases and “outbreaks”. Besides doing screenings they also treated many, many, many, of our students throughout the years. Linda and all of the Lice Be Gone staff are incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and reliable. And most importantly their screening and treatment methods are effective! No gimmicks. No tricks. The school and our families were always 100% satisfied with the services they provided. I don’t know what we would have done without their services and support!

    Meagan Hughes RN, Former School Nurse- Solomon Schecter, Essex County, NJ

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