Lice Removal Testimonials


Testimonials for Short Hills, NJ Location

I'm a teacher who got lice at school. Never had it growing up due to a no nit policy in the school system I attended, so I was mortified. I had it for about 2 weeks before the school nurse where I work found anything, despite my itching. Needless to say I was pretty badly infested with red bumps on my neck and shoulders and everywhere my hair touched, but when I went to Lice Be Gone they got it all out in one shot! I was skeptical, but figured it was worth the shot given that my hair is down to the middle of my back. I never would have gotten it all on my own. I went back 5 days later for my recheck and everything was fine! I was amazed and so grateful. They were very good at calming nerves too.

5 Stars - Erika Beebe, From Google

No one likes or expects to get lice, but if and when it hits, your whole family 'goes nuts!'  Lice Be Gone knows how to courteously and professionally put you and yours at ease, at their state of the art, kid friendly offices! They take care of it once and for all!

5 Stars - Boruch Hecht, From Google

I was pleasantly surprised at how nice this center was. It was well run, coffee, snacks, wifi and tv's made the experience pleasant. The employees were professional and clearly knew how to manage anxious customers, me included! Highly recommend Lice Be Gone! 

5 Stars - Nicole Battafarano, From Google

Testimonials for Waldwick, NJ Location

Very professional and very knowledgeable staff.  My kids had lice and Lice Be Gone did a fantastic job keeping them calm and making them feel very comfortable.  The office was very clean and the staff was very courteous.  Impeccable service and I highly recommend Lice be Gone to anyone in need of lice removal treatment.

5 Stars - Antonio Maffei, From Google

I had been trying to get rid of my daughter's lice for weeks. I used an over the counter shampoo, and even a prescription one my doctor recommended. NOTHING worked! I googled "lice removal" and found Lice Be Gone. I called very early in the morning expecting a voicemail, but a very nice and helpful lady picked up. When I got there, two ladies welcomed us in. My kids aren't the easiest to deal with, but the ladies were very patient. They even offered breaks in between, which were very helpful for my screaming child. When we left we were lice free! I will NEVER try doing this again myself. I highly recommend Lice Be Gone!

5 Stars - Silvia Gabriela Chininin, From Google

My wife was out of town when I got a call from my daughters school saying she had lice. I didn't know what to do, until a coworker of mine highly recommended Lice Be Gone. I brought both of my kids in for treatment. By the time they were done they did not want to leave. They watched cartoons and were offered snacks by the very friendly staff. They were all informative and professional. School nurse checked the next day and gave my daughter the ok to come back, along with a note provided by Lice Be Gone. I'm glad I went to this place and got it taken care of.

5 Stars - Anthony Ayala, From Google