Lice Removal Staten Island NY

Lice Be Gone is run by Linda Strand, a registered nurse for over 30 years. We have two lice treatment centers for your convenience, one in Short Hills, NJ and one in Bergen County, NJ. We have a 100% guarantee you will be lice and nit free. Our lice salons also are 100% chemical free. If your family has lice, call Lice Be Gone for complete satisfaction.

Lice Removal Staten Island

Staten Island families have relied on Lice Be Gone for head lice screenings and head lice removal services for more than ten years. Driving to their Short Hills, NJ or Bergen County NJ professional lice treatment salon is preferable to having a home lice treatment. Highly trained professional lice technicians working together to care for a family is significantly more efficient and accurate compared to having one head lice specialist care for an entire family alone. At Lice Be Gone's lice treatment center, at least two head lice specialists will work together to get everyone nit and lice free- that's a guarantee!  Lice Be Gone's confidential service is performed by expert lice treatment specialist, and managed by Linda Strand, Registered Nurse. At our lice treatment center, you will learn how to detect lice, how to prevent head lice and how to remove head lice. Lice Be Gone is one of the founding lice removal companies in the area and we have worked with several Staten Island families and schools, making us the #1 resource for your lice and nit removal needs.

Satisfied Staten Island Head Lice Clients

School Administrator

Linda , Thanks for the workshop on lice, very well done and had a great turnout.

Email from P.S. 6 Parent Coordinator (2010)

Satisfied Mom

Hi Linda-
Thank you for taking care of my kids yesterday. I felt a huge relief when I got to your office. Everyone was patient and great with my family. I will be referring anyone and everyone that I know has lice.

 Dina, D. Staten Island, NY

Pediatrician Recommended

The experience was so smooth. Your staff were so kind and professional! I am sending our babysitter Maggie to get checked by you. I looked tonight and I think everything is ok, but I think she and I will have less stress if you guys check her. I will be sending my babysitter in tomorrow for a screening. I will be reimbursing her for the cost of evaluation and treatment if necessary.

Simona P. - (mom and pediatrician)

Staten Island, NY School Head Lice Policies

Each school district has their own head lice policy. Over the last few years the trend has been to abandon the no nit policy and to allow students to attend with either nits or even live lice.It is important to know the stated policy of the school your child attends. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) states "head lice can be a nuisance but they have not been shown to spread disease." While it is true that they don't spread disease, head lice are very contagious and allowing children to attend school with head lice will allow it to spread.

Definition of the Policies

  • “No Nit” Policy - A “no nit” policy means that children are not allowed in school with any nits (lice eggs) in the hair. In reality, there is some variation: some school nurses will actually pick out a few nits if that is all that they see and allow the child to stay in school. Other nurses will see one nit and send the child home. The latter is the exception rather than the rule.
  • “No Live Lice” Policy - A “no live lice” policy means that children with nits may stay in school, however, students with live bugs will be sent home. Again, there is room for interpretation of this rule. In some schools, the child with live bugs will be allowed to remain in school until the end of the school day and then will be sent home to be treated and not allowed back to school until all live lice have been killed. In other cases, children with live bugs will be sent home immediately for treatment. A third interpretation of this policy is that children with live bugs and nits within a quarter of an inch from the scalp will be sent home as these cases are deemed “active.” Children with nits farther from the scalp are allowed to remain in school.
  • “Live Lice and Nits” Allowed Policy - Then there is the third policy, which is the most lenient of all: children with live lice and nits are permitted to remain in school. While many schools educate parents and students about head lice, the schools with very liberal policies place a special emphasis on education to try to prevent and contain head lice.

The shift in policy from not allowing a student to attend with nits or lice to a more relaxed policy of allowing students to attend with nits or live lice is in part due to the American Pediatric Association (APA) and National Association of School Nurses (NASN). Both organizations believe that children shouldn't be excluded from attending school with nits or lice. The APA reports say many of the more common treatments for getting rid of head lice, including prescription medicines and over-the-counter creams and conditioners, may no longer be effective because lice have built up such a resistance to them.

Staten Island Public Schools Head Lice Policy

No Live Lice Policy

Head Lice Policy (All schools)
There is now a “no head lice” policy for all NYC public schools, but no longer a “no nit” policy. Students found to have live head lice will be excluded from school and not allowed to return until they are lice-free.

The problem with this policy from the NYC Department of Education is that when a nit hatches, you have nymphs (baby lice) and that person can easily spread that bug or bugs to classmates. Another point is that lice, in particular nymphs, are very difficult to find during a school head lice screening. When someone has nits, they should be considered contagious.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Hair Color kill Head Lice and Nits?
A. Hair color will kill live lice but not the nits. In order to get rid of head lice, each nit and louse needs to be removed.

Q. My child swims regularly, does the chlorine kill head lice?
A. No, chlorine will not kill lice.


Q. If my child had head lice before, can they get infected again?
A. Yes, unfortunately there is no immunity from head lice.

Q. Do lice live during the winter?
A. Lice live all year, we see families with head lice every day of the year.

Q. My daughter wears her hair in braids, can she still get head lice?
A. While wearing hair in braids or tied back can help, it is not going to prevent getting lice if a bug crawls onto her hair. It could make it harder for the louse to stay on the head but do not assume that wearing hair tied back or in braids is going to prevent anyone from getting lice.


Getting rid of lice is easy with Lice Be Gone.

Be lice and nit free quickly without the use of toxins or chemicals. After just one treatment, return to work, school or camp without the risk of infesting others. Learn to delouse your home and avoid reinfestation. Our confidential service is performed / managed by a Registered Nurse in our dedicated Lice Treatment Center in Short Hills, NJ. Just a short convenient drive from Staten Island.