Lice Checks in Somerset County

 With lice treatment centers located in Short Hills, NJ and Bergen County, Lice Be Gone has a lice removal salon near you. Our lice technicians use no chemicals or treatments. We will remove every single lice and nit from your family. We have a 100% success rate and guarantee of their removal at our clean locations.

Lice Checks in Somerset County

Lice Be Gone is New Jersey's most experienced professional head lice removal treatment center. We are experts at removing head lice and nits. We eliminate as much stress as possible by offering flexible appointment times seven days a week. We take as many hours as necessary (and it can take hours) to guarantee that you will be nit (lice eggs) and lice free when leaving our lice treatment center. We charge a fixed flat rate so that you don't have to worry about unexpected fees. We will not sell you unnecessary products, or use heat treatments. Our head lice removal treatment specialist's will teach you how to treat lice, how to kill lice without the use of chemicals, and how to detect head lice. Our professional lice treatment center is near major highways making travel from Basking Ridge, Warren, Watchung, Bridgewater and all of Somerset County convenient. We guarantee that we will remove every nit and louse at our clean, comfortable and friendly head lice treatment salon.

  9/11 Memorial and Court House in Somerville, NJ

9/11 Memorial and Court House in Somerville, NJ

 Somerset County Towns Served By Lice Be Gone

  • Basking Ridge
  • Bedminster
  • Bernards Township
  • Bernardsville
  • Bound Brook
  • Branchburg
  • Bridgewater
  • Far Hills
  • Franklin
  • Green Brook
  • Hillsborough
  • Manville
  • Millstone
  • Montgomery
  • North Plainfield
  • Peapack-Gladstone
  • Raritan
  • Rocky Hill
  • Somerville
  • South Bound Brook
  • Warren
  • Watchung

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I Had A Lousy Week - My experience with lice, and how to prevent and treat them

LICE. They are every parents worst nightmare. For years I have used Fairytales Rosemary Repel Shampoo and Conditioner on my children. For years I have escaped the many lice outbreaks in my children’s schools. Until last week.

Head Lice Removal Testimonials

Linda, Thank you! You and your staff were wonderful both here at (name left out) and to the any families that came to your office. You made a difficult, emotional situation easier to deal with - greatly appreciate your service and support!

Lisa, Private school nurse

Hi Linda,
Thank you for taking such good care of my kids and their families. I hope all is well with you!!

Sandy, School nurse in a Somerset County Public School

I was frustrated and over my limit when after combing my daughters for more than two weeks, I was still finding moving lice in their hair. I called you early on Saturday morning and I was in your center later that morning. Since I didn't get to meet you in person, I thought you would want to know how fabulous Tatiana and Ali were when they took care of my girls. I was also relieved to know that I didn't have lice.

Amy S. Bridgewater, NJ

 Samples of head lice and nits

Samples of head lice and nits

How To Detect Head Lice and Nits

 This is not a nit or a louse (this is the kind of thing that causes confusion for many people)

This is not a nit or a louse (this is the kind of thing that causes confusion for many people)

  • Nits (lice eggs) are always smooth.
  • Nits are always symmetrical.
  • Nits are never irregularly shaped.
  • Nits are grey or brown in color, they might appear to be clear when on a hair that is attached to the head.
  • Nits are attached to the hair shaft at a slight angle, the hair does not run through the nit.
  • Nits are attached only on one side of the hair shaft.
  • Lice are small wingless bugs.
  • Lice crawl, they do not jump or fly.
  • Lice are black (nymphs can be red, but that is rare).

If anyone has a concern and they aren't sure of what they're looking at, we suggest saving what they find and taping it onto a plain piece of white paper. You are welcome to send whatever is of concern to our lice removal center. We will gladly look at it, free of charge, with no obligations, and let you know if it's a nit or a louse.

Somerset County Head Lice Polices

Every school district has their own head lice policy and it is important to know and understand the policy of your school. Below are samplings of different districts head lice policies. 

The American Pediatric Association, The Center for Disease Control and the National Association for School Nurses(NASN) have all taken the stance that no child should be excluded from school for head lice. The NASN states: "Head lice screening programs have not had a significant effect on the incidence of head lice in the school setting over time and have not proven to be cost effective (Frankowski & Bocchini, 2010).  Research data does not support immediate exclusion upon the identification of the presence of live lice or nits as an effective means of controlling pediculosis transmission. By the time a child with an active head lice infestation has been identified, he or she may have had the infestation for one month or more and, therefore, poses little additional risk of transmission to others."

We at Lice Be Gone agree that head lice is not a medical problem, head lice do not pose a health risk but it is a social issue. Allowing children to stay in school with nits or live lice increases the incidence amongst children that are in regular contact with those children. There are schools in which Lice Be Gone regularly screens their students and the incidence of head lice is very limited. To suggest that it is not contagious is inaccurate. 

Meanings of different head lice policies:

  • No Nit Policy - Students aren't permitted to attend school with any nits (lice eggs) or lice (bugs). They are allowed back only when they are completely nit and lice free. 
  • No Live Lice Policy - Students are allowed to attend school with nits but if any live lice are found they will be sent home from school. 
  • Live lice and Nits Policy - Students are allowed to attend school without any restrictions.

Many school districts do not have a clearly stated head lice policy. 

Bridgewater New Jersey Public School District Head Lice Policy

No Nit Policy

Your child may return to school when nit free. You read about other health related issues on the school nurse's page.

Warren Township New Jersey Public School District Head Lice Policy

No Nit  Policy
Your child may return to school after receiving treatment AND when ALL nits have been removed. A parent is asked to be present for the re-inspection by the school nurse Prior to admission to the classroom. If any louse or nits are found you will be asked to bring your child home. You can read more about the Warren Township Schools head lice policy and other health related issues on their website.

Somerset Hills New Jersey Public School District Head Lice Policy

No Nit Policy

Somerset Hills School District has a No Nit Policy. Students may not return to school until they are nit free. To stop the spread of head lice within a classroom, parents will be notified by letter of any case of nits or lice found within their child’s class. In addition, siblings of the identified student will be checked and all students within the identified class will be monitored by the school nurses. Custodians will thoroughly clean all classrooms used by infected students. We hope that all parents/guardians will assist in their efforts to prevent and control the spread of lice within the school. And as always, if you have any questions about this matter, please contact the school nurses as they be happy to address your concerns.

Hillsborough New Jersey Public School's Head Lice Policy

No Clear Policy

Only one school had their policy stated, the Sunnymead Elementary School Health Office. They have a No Nit Policy.

Information on Head Lice: If you suspect your child has head lice, please do not put them on the bus, instead bring your child to the school for the nurse to check. Our school has a no nit policy.

Montgomery New Jersey Public School District Head Lice Policy

No Clear Policy

At times throughout the school year it is not unusual for cases of head lice to occur. Parents should remain calm and be aware of factual information. Head lice are not a health hazard or a sign of uncleanliness, and are not responsible for the spread of any disease! The best method for curtailing the problem is frequent head checks. We encourage every parent to inspect their child’s head at least twice a week for the presence of nits.