Girl Scratching Her HeadLice are small parasites that live in human hair. They lay eggs (nits) which are attached to the hair and are difficult to remove. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), head lice is most commonly spread among children during a head-to-head contact that occurs as children play and participate in other activities, from soccer games to sleepovers. Schools can easily become a breeding ground for these irritating pests, which is why Lice Be Gone offers in-school screenings that help identify the presence of lice and minimize the severity of outbreaks.

School Screenings with Lice Be Gone

When your school partners with Lice Be Gone, we can help to control and eliminate lice infestations with head lice screenings. Whether your school follows a No Nit, No Live Lice or permits students to attend school with live lice and nits, Lice Be Gone will identify the presence of lice so you can take action, enforce your policies and encourage families to seek the appropriate treatments.

With fees as low as $3 to $5 a person, our Lice Be Gone technicians can examine every head for nits and lice. Our school treatment options include:

  • Routine screenings: We provide examinations when the school deems fit, whether it’s at the beginning of a new school year or after an extended school vacation. You can schedule the lice and nit screenings in advance to reduce and control lice breakouts.
  • Emergency screenings: When an outbreak occurs, we respond quickly to help halt its spread. During an emergency screening, we’ll work to identify the students with lice and nits whether it’s a single classroom or the entire school.

To stop the spread of lice before the first infestation occurs, we also offer educational presentations and attend health fairs to provide essential information about avoiding lice and how to deal with the issue should it occur, all at no cost to you. And, should you refer students to our treatment centers, you can rest assured they’ll return to school 100% free from nits and lice.

Connect with Lice Be Gone

To better manage and reduce the cases of head lice in your New Jersey school, reach out to Lice Be Gone today. We offer affordable, quality lice screenings to help eliminate head lice among school children so they can learn and grow without struggling with the effects of lice. Contact our offices in Short Hills to learn more about how we can help your school combat lice.

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