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Our lice treatment center has a 100 percent success rate for lice and nit removal, and we do it without the use of chemicals or unnecessary heat treatments. At Lice Be Gone, we respect your time and understand how busy you are. Our treatment center is fully staffed, so we can tend to your entire family, if needed, in the time it takes home lice treatment services to treat one person.

100% Success Rate Guarentee


Reasons To Choose Lice Be Gone

At Lice Be Gone we take the time to carefully screen and treat for head lice, removing every single nit and louse. That means you don’t need to spend extra on unnecessary lice treatment products. When you or your family member gets out of the salon chair, you are assured of being free from head lice and ready to return to your regular activities nit and lice free.

Girl with Lice in Her Hair - Waldwick, NJ - Lice Be GoneWhy Schools And Camps Appreciate Lice Be Gone

Our school screening service establishes a per-head rate for routine screenings, such as when the school year begins and for emergency screenings when an outbreak of lice begins during the school session. We are available to give presentations to help school staff and parents understand facts about head lice. When families use our service, you have the guarantee that students will return to class free of head lice.

Lice are part of life but you don’t want to see it see during summer camp. We can make sure your campers are free of lice. We provide screenings and lice treatments on the first day of camp, before visiting day and the end of camp to ensure that campers return home nit and lice free. Emergency treatments are available during summer camp in the event you find lice or nits on one of your campers.

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When someone in your family gets head lice, you’ve already had a bit of a surprise, so we make sure there are no more surprises by telling you exactly how much removal will cost before we begin treatment. Contact us today through our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. You can also call us to speak with someone right away and schedule an appointment with our specialists. The phone number for our Waldwick, NJ, office is (201) 447-5423.

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