Kid Getting Head Lice Combed Out

Protecting Your Family from Lice in the Tri-State Area

If you’re looking for the definition of the word “nuisance,” head lice are pretty close equivalents. These wingless creatures are smaller than grains of rice, making them difficult to spot – especially on heads of darker hair.

You can protect yourself and your entire family from these pests by remaining vigilant of itchy scalps and exercising caution in your day-to-day life. Here, Lice Be Gone offers a few lice prevention recommendations for you to keep in mind. Plus, we also discuss just how integral professional lice removal can be when it comes to the wellness of people living in Central or Northern New Jersey, as well as in Staten Island and Bergen, Rockland, and Orange counties.

Teach Your Kids Some Preventative Strategies

In many cases, children and adolescents are more at risk for head lice than adults. This is because of their proximity to countless other school children each day, along with their tendency for sharing headphones, headwear, and more.

To keep your child or children safe from head lice, pick a time to talk with them about head lice prevention strategies. At Lice Be Gone, we recommend speaking openly and honestly to prevent them from feeling afraid. We also suggest giving them the following advice to adhere to at school, sleepovers, and other social events:

  • Don’t share personal items like hairbrushes or headphones.
  • Don’t share clothing, especially hats, jackets or shirts.
  • Always use your own hair ties from home.
  • Bring your own pillow to sleepovers or daycare.

Be Cautious on Your Next Family Vacation

When that much-anticipated family vacation rolls around, make sure to exercise extreme caution if you travel on public transit or stay at a hotel or another hospitality service. If your family takes an airplane to reach your destination, forgo using any airline pillows or blankets that are not packaged in sealed plastic bags.

To further reduce your family’s risk of contracting head lice, we also recommend that anyone with long hair ties it back in a bun or braid while traveling. This way, head lice will be less likely to attach and reach the roots of your hair as you await your coveted family fun.

If a Local Outbreak Occurs, Screen Your Family

If one of your family members’ workplaces, schools, day-care centers, or other frequented spots has an outbreak, make sure your entire household is screened for head lice. To complete an easy at-home screening, simply part a family member’s hair in small sections all the way down to the scalp. Look for brown, black, or clear insects that are about the size of sesame seeds, as well as their oval-shaped eggs called nits. You should also consider getting a metal lice comb to perform the most thorough screenings possible or even contact a professional lice removal company for help.

The Importance of Professional Lice Removal

While there are plenty of at-home prevention strategies you can implement to protect your family, professional lice removal companies also play a large role in keeping you safe. When outbreaks occur, businesses like Lice Be Gone offer effective screening and treatment services and are even willing to travel to schools and camps to screen children and staff.

If your family lives in Central or Northern NJ, Bergen County, Staten Island, Rockland County, or Orange County and has been exposed to an outbreak, the experts at Lice Be Gone can be of immediate assistance. To learn more about how to protect yourself and your family, contact us today.

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