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Choosing the best lice removal treatment can be quite the task so our goal is to help simplify the process, so you pick the best solution for you and your family’s needs.

If you are like most people dealing with head lice, then you have likely read at least 2 articles about “How to Treat Lice”, watched a few YouTube videos on “How to Get Rid of Head Lice” to learn how to remove lice from your hair, and even looked into some local lice removal services in New Jersey. This page is created to help you compare a few of your removal options.

Comparison Chart of Lice Treatment - Lice Be Gone

Do over the counter lice products work?

They are easy to buy when in a panic and you want a quick fix. They will kill many bugs and damage many nits but not all of them. You still need to comb every nit and louse out. Missing even one nit will let the life cycle continue. Lice Be Gone spends hours combing every nit and louse out.

Do natural lice killing products such Listerine, oils and other home remedies work?

The short answer is no, you would need to walk around with oil every day for at least two weeks in order to smother every live bug and any newly hatched bugs. It would require so much oil that it would be dripping off your head. Listerine might kill bugs but you still need to comb every nit out of your hair. Lice Be Gone won’t sell you products, we will comb every nit and louse out.

Are mobile head lice treatment service companies effective?

Mobile home head lice companies will likely charge travel fees and will have one lice technician take care of your family. You will be kept waiting hours for your turn. At Lice Be Gone we have a team of professional lice technicians that will work with your family.

Are heat treatments effective for lice removal?

Heat will not kill every bug or damage every nit. Combing every nit and louse out is the only effective way to be sure that someone is lice free.

Are prescription pediculicides effective and safe?

You and your physician need to decide on what is best for your family. Every product has side effects and even after using a prescription you still must comb every nit out or risk them hatching and having bugs again.

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