Lice Checks in Passaic County

Lice Checks in Passaic County

Relax! Getting rid of lice is easy with Lice Be Gone.

For professional head lice removal services, families in Passaic County have relied on Lice Be Gone's head lice removal salon for years. Lice Be Gone has been in business for more than ten years, making us New Jersey's lice removal center of choice. Be lice and nit free quickly without the use of toxins or chemicals. After just one head lice removal treatment, return to work, school or camp without the risk of infesting others. Learn how to detect head lice and nits, how to delouse your home, how to remove head lice, and how to avoid reinfestation. Our confidential service is performed by our lice treatment specialists, and managed by a Registered Nurse in our dedicated lice treatment center. Our lice salon is conveniently located to Paterson, Wayne, Pompton Lakes, Clifton, Hawthorne, Ringwood, and all of Passaic County. Educating families about head lice is important to us; You will leave our lice center, knowing how to detect head lice, knowing how to get rid of lice, how to treat head lice, and with peace of mind knowing that your family is nit and lice free.

Cities in Passaic County served by Lice Be Gone:

  • Bloomingdale
  • Clifton
  • Haledon
  • Hawthorne
  • Little Falls
  • North Haledon
  • Passaic
  • Paterson
  • Pompton Lakes
  • Prospect Park
  • Ringwood
  • Totowa
  • Wanaque
  • Wayne
  • West Milford
  • Woodland Park
 Geat Falls-2 - Passaic River at Patterson NJ

Geat Falls-2 - Passaic River at Patterson NJ

Frequently Asked Lice Questions

How often should I check my child for head lice?

At Lice Be Gone, we recommend that you do a weekly screening for head lice.

If you see your child scratching their head, then a screening for head lice should be done right away. The sooner head lice is detected, and all lice eggs (nits) are removed, the less chance there is of spreading it.

How did my child get lice?

There are many ways and places someone can get head lice. During the school year, when children are in close contact with their classmates, lice can crawl from one head to another (head lice do not jump, hop or fly). Any time that a person with head lice is in close contact (heads close together), there is a risk of spreading it.

My child was exposed to someone with head lice, when should I check?

It's never too soon to check for head lice. If your child has been in close contact with anyone with head lice, and they "caught it", finding any bug or eggs that day is advantageous. You would be able to see a louse and or nits right away. Early head lice detection is important to keep it from spreading to others. 

If my child has short hair can they still have head lice?

Yes, the length of hair does not matter. Anyone with hair can have lice or nits.

Family Head Lice Removal Testimonials

Lice Be Gone made the whole ordeal easy. I made an appointment, picked up my daughter and son from school, went to their center and was home before dinner. The women were all kind, patient and knowledgeable. I hope to never have to use their services again, but I highly recommend them. Professional and they got the job done.

Dina F., Wayne, NJ

Treating my kids on my own didn't work. My pediatrician gave me Lice Be Gone's number and I got an appointment for later that day. My kids were cooperative and didn't mind getting their hair combed by their technicians. The center is immaculate, the women working there were kind and they got the job done.

Carla D., Clifton, NJ

Linda came to my son's preschool to check for head lice. I can't say that I was surprised when I was told that he had nits in his hair, but I was surprised when she checked me and found that I had them too. We both were treated at their center and my son was back in school the next day.

Joan F. , Wanaque, NJ

Passaic County New Jersey School Head Lice Policies

Each school district has their own head lice policy. Over the last few years the trend has been to abandon the no nit policy and to allow students to attend with either nits or even live lice.  It is important to know the stated policy of the school your child attends. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) states "head lice can be a nuisance but they have not been shown to spread disease." While it is true that they don't spread disease, head lice are very contagious and allowing children to attend school with head lice will allow it to spread.

Meanings of different policies:

  • No Nit Policy - Students aren't permitted to attend school with any nits (lice eggs) or lice (bugs). They are allowed back only when they are completely nit and lice free. 
  • No Live Lice Policy - Students are allowed to attend school with nits but if any live lice are found they will be sent home from school. 
  • Live lice and Nits Policy - Students are allowed to attend school without any restrictions.

Wayne NJ Public Schools Head Lice Policy

No nit policy.

Early detection and prompt treatment are essential in attempting to control the spread of pediculosis. Students must not attend school until treatment (individual and environment) has been completed, including removal of nits.

Read more in the lice letter sent to parents of Wayne NJ School District.

West Milford Township NJ School District Head Lice Policy

Not nit policy.

Please check your child’s head on a regular basis. Head lice can happen to anyone. If you discover your child has lice please let the nurse know in order to minimize the spread at school. Any student who has been diagnosed with lice must be checked by the nurse before they can return to class. West Milford follows a no nit policy.

Communicable Disease Guidelines and Immunizations for West Milford Township NJ School district

Little Falls Township Public Schools Head Lice Policy

Does NOT have a no nit policy.

The information on the school's website isn't exactly clear but the information provided in this document suggest they do not have a no nit policy.