woman inspecting a child’s head for lice with comb and magnifying glassPainstakingly removing every louse (bugs) and nit (eggs) from every strand of hair is the most effective way to get rid of lice. It’s also the only way to guarantee you’ll be lice-free and this is where a professional nitpicker comes into play. At Lice Be Gone in Short Hills, New Jersey, our lice and nit removal technicians are extensively trained to manually remove all lice and their eggs in a single treatment.

How Bad Is The Lice Problem?

Unlike many other bugs, lice don’t spread disease, so it’s not required to report a case of lice. This makes it harder to know the extent of the problem, but according to the Center for Disease Control, the United States sees an estimated 6 to 12 million infestations every year. Many of these cases involve children ages 3 to 11 and are most common in childcare, elementary school, and household members infested with lice.

Identifying Nits Is Problematic

Nits are symmetrical, oval, and grey in color. They are attached to the side of a strand of hair at a slight angle. If it’s your first run-in with lice, you may not know what nits look like. Finding nits is difficult, early detection helps control an infestation. Experienced nitpickers quickly identify nits and can point out the difference between lice eggs and dandruff, dust, or eczema.

Professional Nit Removal Is More Cost-Effective

Paying a professional to do what you can do yourself may seem like a waste of money, but it’s often easier on your wallet than you think. If you don’t carefully evaluate your lice and nit removal options, you could waste money on over-the-counter products and or prescription medications that don’t work or leave yourself vulnerable to buying useless products and/or gimmicks. Add up the money you’ve spent on at-home treatments, that typically must be repeated at regular intervals, and professional lice treatment becomes more cost-effective than you originally thought. We pride ourselves on providing affordable services and a 100% success rate guarantee after a single treatment.

Professional Service Saves Time And Frustration

There’s nothing quick or easy about removing lice and nits, you must take your time. This could mean countless hours spent shampooing and combing with disappointing results. If you become impatient and rush during the process, you’re going to miss something. Leaving behind even a single nit can start the lice cycle all over, and you risk passing lice onto other family members or kids at school or camp.

That’s why you need a professional nitpicker who’s extensively trained and has the patience to ensure the job is properly performed the first time. Our nit removal service guarantees you’ll be free of lice and nits after one treatment, instead of spending days, weeks, or even months unsuccessfully battling lice on your own.

Natural Treatments Are Safer

You may think you can simply purchase an over-the-counter lice-killing shampoo and the lice and nits will magically disappear. Unfortunately, lice have become immune to many of the active ingredients in these products, especially pyrethroids. Even if the product is effective, you may not be comfortable putting pesticides on your child’s scalp. We don’t sell products, this makes us different than other places that sell expensive, unnecessary products. Manually removing lice and nits is the most effective way to rid your child of lice, and it’s 100% natural, making it a much safer option. Another plus to seeking treatment at our professional salon is there’s no mess to clean up.

Why Choose Our Nitpickers

Getting rid of head lice requires skill, diligence, and patience. Our nitpickers literally train and apprentice on at least 100 other head lice and nit removals before they’re entrusted to do a superior job of removing every louse and nit in one treatment. However, even our most skilled nitpickers have a second nit removal technician double-check that the client is 100% lice and nit free before they leave our salon.

Clients throughout central New Jersey, and Staten Island, Rockland County, and Orange County in New York can schedule an appointment by calling our Short Hills, New Jersey, office at 973-467-5423.

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