Nitpickers Why You Need One

Getting rid of head lice requires skill, patience and a certain kind of obsessive personality. Before any Lice Be Gone technician “combs” (does a head lice removal and nit removal service) they have literally trained and  apprenticed on at least a hundred other head lice removal combings. Only then can they be trusted to do a proper job. Every nitpicker at Lice Be Gone undergoes extensive training, is patient and yes, loves their job!!  Regardless of how skilled a nitpicker is at Lice Be Gone, each head lice technician’s work is double checked by another head lice removal technician. This ensures that when a client leaves our head lice removal salon that they are nit and lice free.

Each person that comes to our lice treatment salon is given what we call a “wet check”, as seen on this video. Conditioner is applied to damp hair and combed through with a good metal nit comb. If any lice or nits are in the hair or on the scalp they will be found with this technique. If no head lice or nits are found then that person is declared to be “nit and lice free” and no additional treatment is required. We will not sell you any products as they aren’t necessary. If head lice or nits are found, a technician will show you the nits or lice and begin removing each and every one of them. There is nothing quick about removing lice or nits, we take our time! When the head lice technician is done combing, another lice technician will check their work to ensure that every louse and nit is removed. Then the hair is washed and dried and the nitpicker will look through each piece of hair again, this time using the technique called  a “dry head lice check” and if any nits are left, they will be removed. The second head lice technician does the second dry check and only then is the person who has been worked on, is declared nit and lice free. This two step process is what has made Lice Be Gone, Short Hills NJ the most successful nit picking head lice treatment salon.

Parents can try to handle the lice removal job on their own but if they miss any lice eggs or lice then they risk passing on to others (including themselves) while they tirelessly do the job. Most people  just don’t have expertise, time or patience required to  get the job done. It is important to have every family member screened by a “wet check”, regardless of hair length. At Lice Be Gone we say, “if you have hair then you can have lice.”

Linda Strand, R.N., Owner Lice Be Gone, Short Hills, NJ

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