Natural Lice Treatment

Natural Lice Treatment

mother doing head lice inspectionDiscovering nits in your child’s hair can be devastating, but Lice Be Gone offers an effective, professional solution to help make your problem disappear—literally. When your family needs help conquering an infestation of bugs and nits, opt for our natural head lice treatment and see how good it can feel to fight lice and win.

The Benefits Of Natural Lice Treatment

You’ve probably seen some of the harsh, chemical-based lice treatments on the market today, but you’ve hesitated to purchase them because you’re worried about irritating your child’s scalp or exposing them to unnecessary chemicals. Lice Be Gone uses a non-toxic, chemical-free approach, making lice treatments safe for you and your loved ones. With only a single treatment, we remove every louse and nit. In fact, we’re so confident our treatment approach works, we’re thrilled to offer our customers a 100 percent effective guarantee.

How It Works

Forget messy at-home treatments and over-the-counter remedies that just don’t work. Visit a Lice Be Gone salon, and our professional nitpickers take care of you or your whole family in one visit. Rather than spending endless amounts of time and money repeatedly shampooing, combing, cleaning up your bathroom and missing school or work, schedule a session at Lice Be Gone and get back to your daily routine ASAP, feeling clean, refreshed and totally lice free.

Our Mission

One of the biggest benefits of natural lice treatment is not specific to the treatment itself but rather to how it’s delivered. At Lice Be Gone, we value our customers and want nothing more than for each and every client to have a fantastic experience. We know lice can be stressful, but we’re standing by with our compassionate, caring team to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible from the beginning of your lice removal service through the very end.

Schedule Your Service

We’re proud to offer services at Lice Be Gone locations in New Jersey: Short Hills. We also work with camps, local schools, daycares and other organizations to help groups successfully cope with a lice outbreak as quickly as possible. For more information on our lice removal treatment, contact us online or call us today at (201) 447-5423.

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