Staten Island families have relied on Lice Be Gone for head lice screenings and head lice removal services for more than ten years. Driving to their Short Hills, NJ professional lice treatment salon is preferable to having a home lice treatment. Highly trained professional lice technicians working together to care for a family is significantly more efficient and accurate compared to having one head lice specialist care for an entire family alone. At Lice Be Gone’s lice treatment center, at least two head lice specialists will work together to get everyone nit and lice free- that’s a guarantee!  Lice Be Gone’s confidential service is performed by expert lice treatment specialist, and managed by Linda Strand, Registered Nurse. At our lice treatment center, you will learn how to detect lice, how to prevent head lice and how to remove head lice. Lice Be Gone is one of the founding lice removal companies in the area and we have worked with several Staten Island families and schools, making us the #1 resource for your lice and nit removal needs.

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