Families, school nurses and directors from Mercer County towns including Princeton, Hopewell and Trenton have relied on Lice Be Gone for school lice screenings, and lice removal services. Lice Be Gone is the only head lice service company in New Jersey that is owned and operated by a Registered Nurse. Linda Strand and her team of professional head lice removal technicians collectively have more experience treating lice than any other company in New Jersey. You will leave our professional lice salon, knowing how to manage head lice, how to detect head lice, how to remove head lice, and how to manage delousing your home. With a 100% head lice removal success rate and 100% chemical free lice removal service, satisfaction is guaranteed at Lice Be Gone.

Prior to opening our lice treatment centers in NJ, we did home treatments. What we found is lice removal services that are done in a lice treatment center are far superior to lice removal done in the home. There are numerous advantageous to having treatment done at our professional head lice salon. Two technicians work together checking each other work, making sure that everyone leaving the lice center is 100% nit and lice free. There is no mess in your home. Appointment times are flexible and there are no additional fees for evening or weekend appointments. Multiple family members are treated at the same time, you do not have to wait for each family member to have their turn before the next person it screened for head lice or treated for head lice.


  • East Windsor
  • Township of Ewing
  • Ewing Township
  • Hamilton Township
  • Hightstown
  • Hopewell
  • Lawrence Township
  • Pennington
  • Princeton
  • Robbinsville
  • Trenton
  • West Windsor

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