Relax, getting rid of head lice is easy! Come to our central N.J. office in Short Hills.

Lice Be Gone offers adorable screening and lice removal services.

We guarantee that you will be nit and lice free after one Lice Be Gone treatment. Return to school, camp, or work with clean, dry, nit and lice free hair..

Clients prefer coming to the Lice Be Gone treatment center over home visits because:

  • Special equipment and lighting enable effective treatment
  • Ample staff can treat multiple family members simultaneously
  • Technicians work together, checking each other’s work, ensuring good quality control for complete success
  • Children have easier time sitting through a treatment in the office compared to their own home
  • No messy clean up
  • Flexible appointment times so that the entire family doesn’t need to be available at the same time. Lice Be Gone accommodates your schedule
  • No need for excessive fees for a screening to detect head lice
  • Affordable screenings at $3 to $5 per person. Please contact us for an exact quote.
  • Expert technicians who come to your sleepaway or day camp and screen one group or the entire camp in one day.
  • First day of camp services include accurately checking for head lice and same-day lice removal.
  • Emergency screenings to manage a lice outbreak in your camp groups.
  • End of camp screenings to ensure your campers return home from camp nit and lice free.

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