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At Lice Be Gone’s lice removal salon, we understand how serious it is when someone in your family gets head lice, and we’re here to help with resolving your problem. Our approach is to remove each and every nit and louse without the use of chemical or heat treatments.

Why Our Solution Is More Effective Than Chemical Treatments

If you use a chemical lice killer, it will kill a lot of the lice, but if even one louse is left behind, the cycle will continue. Chemicals also don’t remove the nits, so when they hatch, the scalp starts itching and the lice start breeding again.

After treatment from Lice Be Gone, the cycle doesn’t begin again because we spend the time — hours actually — going over each and every strand of hair. We search for and remove the live lice and all the nits that are attached to the hair follicles.

Reassurance is part of the help we offer. This comes in the form of information and education about the myths and facts regarding head lice. We also provide a home-delousing guide, so you know what you need to do to prevent re-infestation when you get home.

Flexible And No Surprise Costs

At Lice Be Gone, we know how unexpected it can be to find out you or a family member has lice, and that means you can’t always schedule treatment appointments in advance. Our solution to that is to provide you with evening and weekend appointments without charging premium prices for working off-hours.

We also provide flat-rate service, so you aren’t surprised by extra costs if it takes longer than expected to remove all the lice and nits. We don’t tack on travel charges like a mobile service or try to sell you chemicals, shampoos or anything extra that you don’t need.

Contact Our Lice Removal Salon

Because we serve you in our salon, you can leave your worries — and the mess — behind when you go home after a treatment. Call us today at (201) 447-5423 to schedule an appointment with our Short Hills facility. You’re also welcome to fill out our online contact form, and someone will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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