Lice Be Gone Offers Peace of Mind as Kids Head Off to Camp

Kids head off to camp filled with excitement, ready to make friends and enjoy new experiences. But one thing you hope they don’t pick up while they’re away is lice. Just the word itself is enough to fill anyone with scalp-tingling anxiety.

Lice Be Gone Offers Peace of Mind As Kids Head Off to Camp

Nit Pickers

When parents have trouble getting lice and the eggs, known as nits, out of their children’s hair, or even their own hair, they head to Strand’s practice, Lice Be Gone in Short Hills.

Nit Pickers: Short Hills Practice Helps Families Battle Lice

Back to School Back to Lice

However, back to school can also mean head lice. Last year lice hit the school we go to, Laning Avenue Elementary School, only a few days into the new school year, and it wasn’t alone: Every Verona elementary school had an outbreak.Gone in Short Hills.

My Verona NJ: Back to School, Back to Lice

I Had  A Lousy Week

LICE. They are every parents worst nightmare. For years I have used Fairytales Rosemary Repel Shampoo and Conditioner on my children. For years I have escaped the many lice outbreaks in my children’s schools. Until last week.

I Had A Lousy Week – My experience with lice, and how to prevent and treat them

Lindane: The Dangerous Head Lice Treatment That Shouldn’t Be Sold

Consumer Reports published their advice on the most effective way to treat a lice infestation. Their advice states the safest method of getting rid of lice is to physically remove the insects and their eggs by combing with a lubricant such as a hair conditioner.

Consumer Reports Wants This Drug off Pharmacy Shelves

Having a Louse-y Spring? Metuchen Moms share a few tips to help your family deal with Lice

Last year everyone in my family got lice, except my husband. We think our daughter got it from school (due to other cases in her class). I am a teacher and my school district has a zero tolerance policy concerning lice; I needed to be completely clear of the nits before I could return to teaching. My school district uses a company called Lice Be Gone.

Metuchen Moms share a few tips to help your family deal with lice

Head Lice came with us out of Africa: Study

This article proves what we at Lice Be Gone know, the only way to manage head lice is to remove each and every nit (lice eggs) and louse (lice) and no chemicals or heat treatments are ever going to be 100% effective. Head lice are very adaptable!

Head lice taken from 1,000-year-old mummies in Peru support the idea that the little creatures accompanied humans on their first migration out of Africa, 100,000 years ago, researchers reported Wednesday.

Head Lice apparently have been around for more than 100,000 years! Head lice are no longer a source of disease, but they are a social issue. Head lice came with us out of Africa fascinating

Head lice (pediculosis capitus) are small parasitic insects that live on the scalp and neck hairs of their human hosts. It is usually detected through the presence of seeing the actual lice or nits (eggs) attached to the hair shaft of the host.

Reuters: Head Lice came with us out of Africa: study

Linda Strand, RN, Owner Lice Be Gone was interviewed by Today Show health and science report Bob Ebell

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released an opinion that children should not be forced to miss school because of head lice. This topic and an interview with Linda Strand from Lice Be Gone appeared on NBC’s Today Show. The AAP policy was met with skepticism and not well perceived.

Article about Lice Be Gone in
November, 2012 issue of Suburban
Essex Magazine

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