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Lice Be Gone is 100% chemical free and 100% effective. We have a lice removal center in Short Hills, NJ and Bergen County, NJ. We are owned and run by Linda Strand, a registered nurse of over 30 years. Call Lice Be Gone today.

Hudson County Lice Screening

Lice Be Gone provides the best head lice treatment in New Jersey. Our lice treatment center has provided  screenings for head lice and nit removal services to Jersey City, Hoboken and all Hudson County families for more than ten years. Our 100% chemical free and non-toxic head lice removal services are the most cost effective lice services available. We have a 100% success rate and 100% guarantee that you and your family will leave lice free.

Our professional lice treatment salon is located in Short Hills New Jersey and we will soon be opening a new lice removal center in Bergen County New Jersey. Lice Be Gone's head lice removal specialists will educate you on how to detect head lice, how to treat head lice, how to remove head lice and how to delouse your home. We are New Jersey's best lice removal center.

Hudson County Towns Served By Lice Be Gone

  • Bayonne
  • East Newark
  • Guttenberg
  • Harrison
  • Hoboken
  • Jersey City
  • Kearny
  • North Bergen
  • Secaucus
  • Union City
  • Weehawken
  • West New York
  Newport, Jersey City Waterfront, skyline shot from a boat on the Hudson River

Newport, Jersey City Waterfront, skyline shot from a boat on the Hudson River

Hudson County Lice Removal Testimonials

"I  really appreciate the job you did for me and my daughter. I know that I wouldn't have been able to take care of it on my own. So thank you for the good work you all do."

Nancy - Jersey City , NJ

"When my friend went to your salon last year I thought she was crazy! I told her it was no big deal, go buy the kit and take care of it. I now understand why she came to you and I will continue with the good word. Definitely worth the money spent. Thank you for being there, but I hope to never have to meet you again!"

Ali - North Bergen, NJ

"Linda - I want to thank you and let you know how well the screening went today. Nancy and Meylin were great. Patient with the kids and skilled at finidng all the kids with lice. The families that went to your center had only good things to say about your service."

Anna,  School administrator - Hoboken, NJ

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Head Lice - Frequently Asked Questions

At Lice Be Gone, we suggest that you do weekly screenings for head lice. If you see your child scratching their head, then a screening should be done right away. The sooner head lice is detected, and all lice and nits are removed, the less chance there is of spreading it.

Hudson County New Jersey  Head Lice Policies

Each school district has their own head lice policy. Over the last few years the trend has been to abandon the no nit policy and to allow students to attend with either nits or even live lice.  It is important to know the stated policy of the school your child attends. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) states "head lice can be a nuisance but they have not been shown to spread disease." While it is true that they don't spread disease, head lice are very contagious and allowing children to attend school with head lice will allow it to spread.

Meanings of different policies:

  • No Nit Policy - Students aren't permitted to attend school with any nits (lice eggs) or lice (bugs). They are allowed back only when they are completely nit and lice free. 
  • No Live Lice Policy - Students are allowed to attend school with nits but if any live lice are found they will be sent home from school. 
  • Live lice and Nits Policy - Students are allowed to attend school without any restrictions.

Elysian Charter School Of Hoboken Head Lice Policy

No Nit Policy

A child found to have even one louse or nit (louse egg) will be sent home immediately. Students with nits only may return the following day if they have been treated and all nits are removed. Students with live lice must stay home one more day after treatment.

You can read more in the Parent Student Handbook.

Hoboken New Jersey Charter School Head Lice Policy

No Live Lice Policy

For the child to be readmitted to school, the child must first check in with the school nurse. There the nurse will check for nits. If there are live nits or enough nits that it is too time consuming to check each, the child will be sent back home for the parents to continue the manual removal.

There is no way to determine if a nit is "live" as suggested below in the policy. As long as there are any nits, that person should be considered to have lice. You can read more in the school's Policies and Guidelines handbook.

Kearny New Jersey Public Schools Head Lice Policy

No Lice Lice Policy

Return Policy
  • The pupil may return to school following treatment and will report to nurse with proof of treatment (box top/label from special shampoo).
  • The school nurse will check head to see if no (or few) nits are present, in order for child to be allowed to remain in school.
  • If a significant amount of nits are still present, child will be excluded again for further treatment/combing.

The nurse determines if the student can be readmitted to school based on the "severity" of the infestation. This makes no sense, if someone have nits or lice, that person should be considered contagious. You can read more in the Kearny Public Schools Policy handbook.

How To Detect Head Lice and Nits

  • Part the hair all the way down to the scalp in very small sections, look for moving lice and nits. Look at the entire head this way. 
  • If you find a bug, tape it to a white piece of paper so that it can be looked at without the risk of it crawling away. 
  • If you find something that you think could be a nit, take the entire piece of hair and tape it to a piece of white paper. Nits are tiny oval-shaped eggs that firmly attach to the hair shafts usually within ½ - 1 inches of the scalp. They may be off-white to brown in color. Unlike dandruff, they will not brush or blow off the hair. Not everything that doesn't move easily off the hair shaft is a nit. Look at the hair and whatever is attached to it while it is taped on the white paper.   

Looking at nits when taped to a piece of white paper and  still attached to the hair is the easiest way to determine if it is actually a nit. Notice that the nits are attached at a slight angle to the hair shaft and are only on one side. It has a dark color. Nits are never irregular, fuzzy, or encircling the hair.

  • Although they can’t fly or hop, lice crawl very quickly away from light. For this reason, it is usually easier to detect nits
  • Checking by combing with conditioner is the best method to detect signs of lice that otherwise may go undetected. Run a metal knit comb through clean damp hair. Wipe the comb on a paper towel and examine it for bugs or nits to indicate to click on the file to see actual moving.