lice, hair, nitsThere are a few things to look for when you need to know how to tell if you have lice. You might see the insects on your scalp or the nits on your hair follicles, see a rash around your neck or even feel them moving on your head.

In addition to checking your own head, it helps to have one of the professionals at Lice Be Gone examine your scalp to determine if you have an infestation that needs to be treated.

How To Tell If You Have Lice In Your Hair

When you get treatment at Lice Be Gone, the staff removes every single louse and every last nit from your hair. However, it all begins with determining if you actually have head lice. If you know you’ve been exposed, be sure to schedule an appointment at Lice Be Gone to be screened for head lice. If you have it you can be assured of leaving the center nit and lice free.

How It Feels If You Have Head Lice

When you get head lice, you may feel light or intense itching on your scalp. You may also notice a tickling, tingling sensation that comes from the lice moving around on your scalp and grabbing hold of the base of your hair follicles with their claws. The itching and tingling may grow increasingly intense if the infestation is left untreated.

How Head Lice Look

At a glance, adult lice can resemble small sesame seeds in the hair. Younger lice in the first three nymph stages are even smaller than sesame seeds and have a waxy appearance. Upon closer inspection, you can see them moving. You may need a magnifying glass to see lice that are in the nymph stage and lice on lighter-colored hair if you’ve never seen them before.

How Nits Look

Nits are the eggs that adult lice lay on hair follicles, right against the scalp. Like nymphs and adult lice, nits have a yellowish, waxy color that can be challenging to see against light colors. Nits are also hard to see and can be confused with dandruff when not closely examined because they’re tiny. Under magnification, nits have a shape that’s similar to the bud on a pussy willow branch.

Where Head Lice Are Most Likely To Be On Your Scalp

If you have head lice, you may also notice tiny red, raised spots on your scalp, shoulders and neck. When you’re trying to inspect your own head for lice, the nape of your neck where the hair meets the skin and just above your ears are the easiest places to see the bugs.

Head lice require a human host in order to survive. When removed from the host, lice die within one to two days. Nits, however, take up to two weeks to hatch, and hatching nits cause reinfestation. That’s why it’s so important to have each and every one removed from the scalp, and it’s why Lice Be Gone takes the time to make sure you are completely free of lice when you leave our salon.

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