How to Effectively Remove Lice

Lice can be irritating and itchy, and they can be extremely difficult to remove. Home removal techniques often fail to eliminate the whole problem, which means the discomfort can continue for a long time. Lice Be Gone offers thorough, expert nit and lice removal so you can get back to your routine with confidence.

Stopping the Life Cycle

Human lice are believed to have evolved from Chimpanzee lice about 5.5 million years ago. That means lice have had a long time to learn how to survive on the human scalp.

To successfully stop these adaptive, irritating pests you have to stop their life cycle completely. There are three stages to the louse’s lifecycle:

  • Egg Stage: Lice eggs appear to the naked eye like tiny brown or tan spots close to the scalp. Lice eggs hatch 1 to 2 weeks after being laid.
  • Nymph stage: Nymphs are baby lice that have been recently hatched. This stage lasts approximately 1 to 2 weeks before nymphs mature into adult lice.
  • Adult Stage: Adult lice feed up to several times a day on the blood from the scalp. They can live up to 2 days off of a human scalp. Once the lice have matured to the adult stage, the females begin laying 3 to 5 eggs a day.

To stop the lifecycle of lice you have to get each stage of the infestation under control which is very difficult to do at home without expert care.

Wiping Out the Entire Infestation

Unfortunately, it is not enough to just wipe out the lice you see with the naked eye on a person’s head. Lice can be insidious and they hide in all sorts of places. Successfully exterminating the pests yourself is often difficult due to the following factors:

  • Hiding in hard-to-reach places: It’s nearly impossible to eradicate the lice if you cannot see the back of your head. It’s also difficult to identify lice in thick, dark hair. People often mistake lice for dandruff or skin.
  • Insufficient tools: Lots of people rely on home chemical or heat treatments which have been shown to be ineffective.
  • Lice in the house and on family members: Lice will come back if they manage to live off of the scalp and in your home for several days. The home environment and other people living with you can continue to house the lice, even if you eradicate them from yourself or one child.

We Are the Professionals You Need

Given the challenges of removing every louse yourself, it’s important to seek professional help. Often many schools and daycares won’t let your children return until they are guaranteed to be lice-free. We can get you and your children back into your routine quickly. Our chemical and heat-free treatment methods include:

  • Meticulous removal: We methodically remove all of the lice by hand and clear them from the hard-to-reach, difficult areas of the scalp and head that you can’t reach on yourself or your child.
  • 2-step verification: For your benefit, we have 2 experts involved in the process to make sure every single nit, nymph, and louse is gone. One expert will skillfully remove the lice, and the second will verify they are completely gone.
  • Securing the environment: Our technicians will provide you with a home delousing guide and go over everything you need to know about how lice spread so you’ll be completely informed.

We are ready to help you be lice free. Contact us today to set up an appointment at one of our two convenient locations. Whether you’re in Central or Northern NJ, Bergen County, NJ, or Staten Island, Rockland County or Orange County, NY, we’re here for you.

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