How to Choose a Professional Lice Treatment Center

Finding head lice in your hair or the hair of a family member can really disrupt your plans. Because lice can spread so easily, it’s a problem you should address right away. Many turn to home remedies or drugstore treatments to get the job done, but the results may leave you scratching your head – literally.

For truly effective lice removal, turning to experts will help you or your loved one find relief through proven remedies that remove every last bug and nit. Here, the team at Lice Be Gone explains what you should consider when choosing a professional lice treatment center.


The first thought for a lot of people is to try home remedies or over-the-counter lice treatment options. While it may be a quick fix, it’s highly unlikely that either of these options will get rid of every bug and nit. If even one nit remains, a whole new cycle of lice will begin. Home remedies like mouthwash, oils, and mayonnaise aren’t worth your time as they won’t get rid of every nit or louse. The only effective treatment is to comb each and every nit and louse out of the hair

Instead, opt for a professional treatment option that removes all of the bugs and removes all of the nits the first time. Not all providers are the same, however. For treatment to truly be effective, lice treatment centers must possess the expertise to ensure every single pesky louse has been removed. That’s why we’re proud to have a 100% effective guarantee for all of our lice treatments – something not all lice treatment services can promise.


With the lice treatment industry continuing to grow, more mobile treatment facilities are starting up. While these options seem intriguing because of their perceived convenience, they might end up costing you more time and money than you expect. They will generally send out one employee to treat your whole family, and if you have several kids, you might be looking at an entire day spent trying to remove pesky lice. You will likely be charged travel fees when using a mobile company.

It’s also important to consider that many companies only work weekdays. This means if you find lice in your child on a Friday evening, you’ll be in for a long weekend. Instead, look for a company that can help you as quickly as possible. Seven days per week, we provide same-day head lice removal and screening services at all of our locations and offer weekend and evening appointments. Plus, there are no extra fees, regardless of when your appointment is.


You should look for a treatment center that is upfront and honest about their practices and services. For instance, many companies will sell your products and services that are unnecessary, Lice Be Gone utilizes all-natural, 100% chemical-free treatments that you can feel good about receiving.

In addition, some companies know you’re in a hurry to get treatment and prevent recurrence, so they’ll push additional services and products on you. Unlike other lice treatment providers, you will not be sold at Lice Be Gone, nor pressured to buy unnecessary and expensive products like lice shampoos and conditioners. For more information on our lice removal treatment services in Central and Northern New Jersey, Bergen County, Staten Island, Rockland County, or Orange County, contact us today.

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