Head Lice Visit Modern Family

Lice- “Modern Family” gets a case!! Lily has lice it looks like Claire does too. While scratching is a sign of head lice , a lack of having an itchy head doesn’t mean that a person doesn’t have head lice If you get notified that your child has been exposed to head lice, that is a great time to do a head lice screening by using a good metal nit comb. We at lice be gone call it a “wet check”. You should consider taking a nit comb and combing through your child’s hair and look for bugs and nits lice eggs). This is a great way to accurately check. You should consider bringing them in to Lice Be Gone, Short Hills, NJ for a proper head lice screening, or at least save anything that you consider suspicious and we at Lice Be Gone will take a look at it for you. Modern Family is my favorite show, and this episode is hysterical!!!!

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