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Lice and School


Back to school means back to lice. It’s more rampant at the start of the school year. September is National Head Lice Prevention Month  Kids have spent their  summer in contact with each other  at summer camp and lots of play dates. Close contact translates to head to head contact. You know what that means– if one kid has nits and bugs there’s a chance that those little critters could have crawled into your child’s hair infesting  your family! Knowing your head  facts will help relieve anxiety.

Basic Facts

Lice don’t fly, jump or hop, they crawl. They need a nice warm spot and  meal to survive, Now don’t get nauseous, scalps provides the meal and warm spot.

Tips on Reducing “lice anxiety”

  • #1 Don’t panic!
  • Know your head lice facts. This can help reduce what I call anxiety.
  • Consider doing routine head  checks on your kids because early detection can keep a case from spreading. Close contact means us moms have an increased chance of getting infestation  from our kids.
  • Know your  schools  policy so that you can if your child has nits or bugs you will understand what to expect from your school nurse. Be kind to your school nurse, they follow the policies set by the school board. If your school doesn’t have a “no nit” policy consider sharing your situation with parents of your child’s classmates ensuring that your child won’t catch it back.
  • Understand your treatment options -Most importantly, remember  the end result must be that every nit and louse is removed to be considered lice free. Leaving one nit, one bug behind can result in a reinfestation. Have Lice Be Gone’s number handy (I’ve been told that we are our number is on some moms speed dial!). Same day appointments are available 7 days a week.





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