Head Lice Are Contagious

Head lice are contagious, just thinking about head lice causes  anxiety for many people. Are you scratching your head yet?  They  won’t make anyone physically sick, I can’t promise you won’t feel mentally sick!

Recently I read an aritcle about a family’s head lice nightmare. An airline refused flight to a child with lice until treated. Personally, I wouldn’t want to sit next to someone that had anything contagious. If someone had the flu they would be banned from flying. I agree with the airlines position. What I don’t agree with is what they considered “treated.” Head lice unlike bed bugs and body lice (completely different bug) do not require chemical warfare. Managing the problem requires combing each and every bug and nit (lice egg). Using chemicals, over the counter, prescription, natural oils etc.. will not get rid of all your nits or bugs and the cycle will continue.

While lice don’t hop jump or fly they crawl and they are fast! Close contact such as sitting next to someone with lice increases your risk of catching it. Excluding children from schools and camps controls lice infestations. Lice Be Gone screens thousands of children each year.  I have no doubt that occurrences are decreased when children with live lice and nits are excluded from school and other activities. The CDC states “To help control a head lice outbreak in a community, school, or camp, children can be taught to avoid activities that may spread head lice.

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