Hair and Head Lice

This vignette is all true- I promise. At Lice Be Gone we say “lice brings out the crazy in people. I assumed that a woman who came to the office and called several times in between two appointments was nutty but she wasn’t! A woman in her late 60’s called me and explained that her granddaughter had head lice, she wanted to come in for a screening because she was convinced that she too had lice. She found a bug and her description sounded like a louse. During any given week many people come in because “they were exposed” to someone (yes- exposed, like it was chemical warfare), feel itchy or just heard the word lice (just saying the word out loud makes people itch). She came in, we did what we call a “wet check” screening and didn’t find any nits or lice. We told her she was lice free. She called a few days later and wanted to come in again for another screening and again we found nothing. Several days later she brought in a bug that was indeed a louse. She found it crawling on her bedding. Her wet check was clean again- no evidence of lice or nits. She told us that she lived with her husband and he didn’t have hair. She had not seen her grandchild for several weeks. We were stumped! It turns out that her husband was bald but he wore a toupee! The toupee actually had nits attached to it. Who knew- lice can lay eggs in a toupee and feed off of the scalp. The moral of this story is- that if you have hair (toupees, extensions) you can have lice. It’s that simple. So if someone you are close to has lice- get everyone checked sooner rather than later and avoid passing it around.

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