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Chemical Free Lice Removal

When the first signs of lice appear, your top priority should be finding a healthy and effective treatment method to have them removed. Lice are tiny and move quickly so that this process can be difficult without the help of trained professionals. There are a lot of different treatment options out there, but many of them use harmful chemicals and or heat treatments that can exacerbate your problems, not solve them. Instead, try a natural lice treatment from Lice Be Gone.

Natural Lice Treatment Gets Rid of Lice for Good

The key to ridding your head of lice is to make sure that every last louse and egg (“nit”) is removed. This can be difficult because nits use a glue-like substance to attach to your hair. Standard lice treatments are designed to attack the nervous system of the creatures, but they do nothing to remove the nits. That means any remaining eggs are free to hatch and start up the population again. And sometimes, lice can even develop resistance to certain chemicals found in products. That’s why many people prefer natural lice treatment instead. It involves brushing out every single nit on your head to ensure that there is no chance for the lice to repopulate. This 100% removal rate will have you walking away confident that your problem has been solved.

No Chemicals, No Harmful Side Effects

Another reason to stay away from chemical lice treatments is the possibility of side effects. Trials with chemical treatments have found that they can cause eye irritation, skin rashes, and breathing problems in children. Some treatments even have active ingredients that are also used in banned garden pesticides. If these chemicals are harmful enough to be deemed not safe enough for use in your garden, why risk using them on your head or your child’s head? Natural lice treatment involves zero chemicals, relying instead on thoroughness and attention to detail to get rid of all nits and lice.

Lice Be Gone Treatments Work Fast

Did you know that natural lice treatment works faster than most alternative methods? Home remedies, for example, may tell you to suffocate lice with sticky substances like mayonnaise, Vaseline, or Cetaphil lotion. These remedies do not damage nits. With Lice Be Gone’s natural lice treatment, on the other hand, the process is finished in just a couple hours. Every strand of hair is checked, and you can get your whole family checked in just one session. Plus, our team of professionals shares helpful tips on how to de-louse your home and prevent future infestations.

Clean Your Head the Natural Way

There is no need to expose you or your children to harmful chemicals in order to eradicate lice. Instead, opt for a natural lice treatment that will quickly and thoroughly remove every lice and nit that has taken up residence in your hair. For 100% effective removal that’s fast and safe, contact Lice Be Gone. With flexible evening and weekend hours, we’re able to work around your busy schedule. We can even schedule group sessions so your whole family can be treated at once. We’ll make sure that all nits and lice are removed, you can have confidence that you and your family will be lice free when leaving our treatment center.

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