camps and schools
take control of head lice

Every school and camp has their own lice and nit policy

Meanings of different policies:

  •  No Nit Policy– children are not permitted to attend school/ camp with any nits (lice eggs) or lice (bugs). They are allowed back only when they are 100% nit and lice free
  • No Live Lice Policy- Children can attend school/ camp with nits. If any live lice are found they will be sent home.
  • Live Lice and Nits Policy- Students and campers are permitted to attend all activities with nits and live lice, there are no exclusions.
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School Screenings– Partner with Lice Be Gone to control lice infestations with head lice screenings and treatments.

Lice Be Gone is available to screen for nits and lice- fees are affordable at $3 to $5 per person- contact us for an exact quote.

  • Routine screenings- we will provide routine screenings at the start of the school year or as often as you choose such as after school vacations. We offer prescheduled visits to effectively reduce and control lice outbreaks.
  • Emergency screenings- call us in when you have “a lice outbreak”, Lice Be Gone will screen a class or entire school in one day and identify any student with lice and nits.

Refer families to our treatment center and be confident that students will return to school 100% nit and lice free after one treatment

  • Free Education Lice Presentations –Lice Be Gone is available for parent organizations and staff. Having facts about head lice helps alleviate staff and parental anxiety
  • Health Fairs– Lice Be Gone to participate in health fairs at no fee
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Help ensure a lice free summer at sleep away camp and day camp

Ensure you send every camper home lice free, keep families coming back with great memories. Lice Be Gone will handle all your lice concerns, with routine or emergency screenings.

Affordable screenings at $3 to $5 per person- contact us for an exact quote

Lice Be Gone’s expert technicians will come to your sleep-away or day camp and screen one group or entire camp in one day.

  • First day of camp- Lice Be Gone will accurately check for head lice and is available for same day lice removal
  • Emergency screenings- let us manage a lice outbreak in your camp groups
  • End of camp screenings- we will ensure that campers return home from camp nit and lice free

Refer families to our lice removal center and be confident that campers are 100% nit and lice free after one treatment without risk of infesting other campers or staff

  • "Lice Be Gone has brought our summer camp to the next level with their lice screenings and treatment services.  Linda and her staff are professional, honest, friendly and make the campers/staff feel at ease."

    Rachel Director/RN, Pine Forest Camp, Camp Timber Tops
  • "I am a school nurse in Bergen County and have been very pleased with using Lice Be Gone over the last few years.  They have been screening our students at the beginning of the school year and when needed throughout the year.  Linda is a pleasure to work with making every effort to accommodate our schedule and needs.  Her staff are all professional, friendly, reliable and thorough.  I have received positive feedback from any family that I have referred to them. " 

    Debra Mendeloff School Nurse, Bergen County, New Jersey
  • "I am a school director and Lice Be Gone has been my go-to company for both lice education and on-site visits for head checks as needed.  Linda responds quickly and works efficiently.  Many families from my school have gone to her offices for treatments and are always pleased.  She is honest, knowledgeable, and thorough.  When in doubt about whether or not a family member is affected you certainly want to call someone you can trust."

    Carol Rubnitz Director, The Preschool Place & Kindergarten, Bridgewater NJ
  • “What a tremendous help Linda from Lice Be Gone was for our school community. She graciously attended our PTO meeting and gave a thorough and light-hearted presentation about lice. I mean, when you are dealing with lice you need to have some sense of humor, right?! She went through what lice are, how they are to others, treatment and prevention. So many parents had no idea what they were looking for or even how to properly treat them until Linda came and spent her morning with all of us.”

    Niamh Grano PTO President, Alpine Elementary, Sparta New Jersey

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