School-age children tend to be highly susceptible to head lice because they play closely together. When children attend sleepaway camp and sleep in tight quarters, the chance for getting head lice can be even greater. Lice Be Gone in Waldwick or Short Hills, New Jersey, can ease your concerns about lice and let you confidently send your kids to school and camp. Our professional lice removal services offer 100% guaranteed results after only one treatment.

Why Choose Lice Be Gone?

As a sleepaway camp nurse, our founder Linda Strand learned how to successfully manage and treat head lice. With over 25 years of experience as a registered nurse, Linda’s treatment philosophy doesn’t include the use of any gimmicks; just patience and diligence to remove each and every louse and egg, called nits, attached to the strands of hair on the affected person’s head. Linda and her team of professional lice removal technicians have proudly screened and treated thousands of clients with head lice over the years. They don’t sell products like other places that sell expensive, unnecessary products. Their treatment process is 100% natural with a 100% success rate guarantee.


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Every School And Camp Has Their Own Lice And Nit Policy

It’s important to understand the life cycle of lice and know the policy on lice and nits at the schools and sleepaway or day camps you choose to send your children to. Common policies include:

  • No Nit Policy: Children aren’t permitted to attend school/camp with any nits (lice eggs) or lice (bugs). They’re only allowed back when they’re 100% nit and lice free.
  • No Live Lice Policy: Children can attend school/camp with nits. If any live lice are found, they’re sent home.
  • Live Lice and Nits Policy: Students and campers are permitted to attend all activities with nits and live lice because there aren’t any exclusions.

School Screenings

Partner with Lice Be Gone to control lice infestations with head lice screenings and treatments at your school. We’re available to screen for nits and lice with affordable fees of $3 to $5 per person. Please contact us for an exact quote. We offer:

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  • Routine screenings at the start of the school year or as often as you choose, such as after school vacations, with prescheduled visits available to effectively reduce and control lice outbreaks.
  • Emergency screenings for active lice outbreaks in which we’re able to screen a single class or the entire school in one day to identify any students with lice and nits.

Refer families of students identified with lice or nits to our treatment center and everyone can be confident that these students will return to school 100% nit and lice free after one treatment. We’re also available for free education lice presentations for parent organizations and staff, and we participate in health fairs at no fee. Learning the facts about head lice helps alleviate staff and parental anxiety.

Sleepaway And Day Camp Screenings

Help ensure a lice-free summer at sleepaway camps and day camps with the help of Lice Be Gone. We can handle all your lice concerns with routine or emergency screenings that help ensure you send every camper home lice free and keep families coming back with great memories. We offer:

  • Affordable screenings at $3 to $5 per person. Please contact us for an exact quote.
  • Expert technicians who come to your sleepaway or day camp and screen one group or the entire camp in one day.
  • First day of camp services include accurately checking for head lice and same-day lice removal.
  • Emergency screenings to manage a lice outbreak in your camp groups.
  • End of camp screenings to ensure your campers return home from camp nit and lice free.

Refer families of campers identified with lice or nits to our professional lice removal center and you can be confident that campers are 100% nit and lice free after one treatment and without risk of infesting other campers or staff.

Count On Our Professional Lice Removal

We make every effort to accommodate the schedule and needs of each school or camp. Our knowledgeable staff and professional lice removal services ensure thorough treatment and 100% guaranteed results. We proudly serve New Jersey and part of New York, including central New Jersey, and Staten Island, Rockland County, and Orange County in New York. Contact us today to discuss your school or camp’s needs by calling our our Short Hills, New Jersey, office at 973-467-5423.

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