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Lice Be Gone treats head lice without the use of heat treatments or chemicals. We can help ensure children are lice free when camp begins and ends.

First Day Of Camp Screenings

Many local camps have Lice Be Gone perform screenings the first day camp is in session. This ensures children aren’t coming to camp with head lice. Starting each camp session lice-free is a great way to prevent outbreaks while children are enjoying camp. Consider scheduling this service to get summer off to a good start for each camper at your facility.

Young Campers

Last Day Of Camp Screenings

Camps in the area also often have Lice Be Gone come in the day campers are scheduled to return home. This makes sure children don’t go home with a lice infestation. If any campers are found to have lice, treatment can be handled before the children go home to their parents, or you can refer parents to us. This lets your campers go home with nothing but the crafts they made and some great memories of your camp facility.

Emergency Screenings And Treatments

When a head lice outbreak occurs during a camp session, Lice Be Gone can come in and treat each case before it spreads any farther. This can be done for sleepaway camps as well as day camps. We work quickly and efficiently in these situations to keep everyone calm and happy. We also provide information and education about head lice to reassure both parents and your camp’s staff members.

Schedule Lice From Camp Treatment Today

Our services at Lice Be Gone are fast and thorough. Our 100 percent success rate guarantee assures you that the children served by your camp, and their parents, don’t have to worry about coming home from camp with head lice. Call our Waldwick, NJ, office today at (201) 447-5423 or our Short Hills office at (973) 467-5423. You can also fill out our online contact form or email us at

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