Your Child Has Lice- Do’s and Don’ts

DO’s Do stay calm.If the school nurse calls to report that your child has lice, pick them up from school and try and relax. Don’t tear your home apart.Only wash the bedding from the person that has head lice. You don’t need to launder every piece of clothing in their closet. If they wore a

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How to Detect Lice and Nits

Part the hair all the way down to the scalp in very small sections, look for moving lice and nits. Look at the entire head this way. If you find a bug, tape it to a white piece of paper so that it can be looked at without the risk of it crawling away. If

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Don’t Tear Your House Apart – it’s only head lice

If you hang around our head lice removal center for a couple of days you will hear most of the same questions asked over and over by different families (and if your’e like me, you will ask the same question 5 different ways!). We joke that we should have a board with programmed questions and

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What is in my kids’ hair – is it head lice?

At Lice Be Gone we joke (although it’s actually true so not really funny) that lice bring out the crazy in people. I get it, I’m terrified of all reptiles especially the ones that start with “s”, I can’t bring myself to even write the word. Bugs obviously don’t bother me at all. The thought

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Hair and Head Lice

This vignette is all true- I promise. At Lice Be Gone we say “lice brings out the crazy in people. I assumed that a woman who came to the office and called several times in between two appointments was nutty but she wasn’t! A woman in her late 60’s called me and explained that her

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