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How to Effectively Remove Lice

Lice can be irritating and itchy, and they can be extremely difficult to remove. Home removal techniques often fail to eliminate the whole problem, which means the discomfort can continue for a [...]

Head Lice Are Contagious

Head lice are contagious, just thinking about head lice causes  anxiety for many people. Are you scratching your head yet?  They  won’t make anyone physically sick, I can’t promise [...]

Lice and School

  Back to school means back to lice. It’s more rampant at the start of the school year. September is National Head Lice Prevention Month  Kids have spent their  summer in contact with [...]

More Truths About Head Lice

Head lice negatively  affects tens of millions of people worldwide. There are many myths and beliefs about head lice and lice treatment. People still think that it is as a result of poor hygiene. [...]

Head Lice Visit Modern Family

Lice- “Modern Family” gets a case!! Lily has lice it looks like Claire does too. While scratching is a sign of head lice , a lack of having an itchy head doesn’t mean that a [...]

What Do Nits Look Like

Head lice and nits can be hard to find. Nits are symmetrical, oval and attached to the side of the hair at a slight angle. The photo below is of numerous nits. There is a lot of “nit [...]

Nitpickers Why You Need One

Getting rid of head lice requires skill, patience and a certain kind of obsessive personality. Before any Lice Be Gone technician “combs” (does a head lice removal and nit removal [...]

How to Detect Lice and Nits

Part the hair all the way down to the scalp in very small sections, look for moving lice and nits. Look at the entire head this way. If you find a bug, tape it to a white piece of paper so that [...]

Hair and Head Lice

This vignette is all true- I promise. At Lice Be Gone we say “lice brings out the crazy in people. I assumed that a woman who came to the office and called several times in between two [...]

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