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Protecting Your Family from Lice in the Tri-State Area

If you’re looking for the definition of the word “nuisance,” head lice are pretty close equivalents. These wingless creatures are smaller than grains of rice, making them difficult to spot – especially on heads of darker hair. You can protect yourself and your entire family from these pests by remaining vigilant of itchy scalps and

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Chemical Free Lice Removal

When the first signs of lice appear, your top priority should be finding a healthy and effective treatment method to have them removed. Lice are tiny and move quickly so that this process can be difficult without the help of trained professionals. There are a lot of different treatment options out there, but many of

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How to Choose a Professional Lice Treatment Center

Finding head lice in your hair or the hair of a family member can really disrupt your plans. Because lice can spread so easily, it’s a problem you should address right away. Many turn to home remedies or drugstore treatments to get the job done, but the results may leave you scratching your head –

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Why Use a Professional Lice Treatment Center

Whether you’ve picked up lice at work or the kids bring them home from school, no one is happy to discover an infestation. Too many people immediately turn to the internet or well-meaning family and friends, hoping to find a solution that will be easy and effective. Unfortunately, most natural home remedies and chemical solutions

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How to Effectively Remove Lice

Lice can be irritating and itchy, and they can be extremely difficult to remove. Home removal techniques often fail to eliminate the whole problem, which means the discomfort can continue for a long time. Lice Be Gone offers thorough, expert nit and lice removal so you can get back to your routine with confidence. Stopping

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Head Lice Are Contagious

Head lice are contagious, just thinking about head lice causes  anxiety for many people. Are you scratching your head yet?  They  won’t make anyone physically sick, I can’t promise you won’t feel mentally sick! Recently I read an aritcle about a family’s head lice nightmare. An airline refused flight to a child with lice until

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Lice and School

  Back to school means back to lice. It’s more rampant at the start of the school year. September is National Head Lice Prevention Month  Kids have spent their  summer in contact with each other  at summer camp and lots of play dates. Close contact translates to head to head contact. You know what that means–

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More Truths About Head Lice

Head lice negatively  affects tens of millions of people worldwide. There are many myths and beliefs about head lice and lice treatment. People still think that it is as a result of poor hygiene. Many parents feel that they have neglected their child. I have heard parents (mostly moms) say “I feel like I have

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Head Lice Visit Modern Family

Lice- “Modern Family” gets a case!! Lily has lice it looks like Claire does too. While scratching is a sign of head lice , a lack of having an itchy head doesn’t mean that a person doesn’t have head lice If you get notified that your child has been exposed to head lice, that is

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What Do Nits Look Like

Head lice and nits can be hard to find. Nits are symmetrical, oval and attached to the side of the hair at a slight angle. The photo below is of numerous nits. There is a lot of “nit confusion”. You are welcome to contact us and we can determine if what you are seeing is lice

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Nitpickers Why You Need One

Getting rid of head lice requires skill, patience and a certain kind of obsessive personality. Before any Lice Be Gone technician “combs” (does a head lice removal and nit removal service) they have literally trained and  apprenticed on at least a hundred other head lice removal combings. Only then can they be trusted to do

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