My Kids Have Head Lice- What Should I Do?

Tips on Managing Head Lice  

  • Don't panic- I know this is easier said than done. Nobody gets sick from lice, remember it's not a health issue, it does have a big yucky factor and is very contagious so getting rid of them quickly should be the goal.
  • Have someone who knows what head lice and nits look like confirm your diagnosis. Many false cases of lice are reported. Anything that is stuck to the hair is not a nit. 
  • Don't start ripping you house apart. Head lice can't live off of your head for very long so focus your energy on getting rid of them and not ripping the house apart.
  • Don't run out to the store and buy every lice repellent and every so called lice treatments. Nothing works 100% of the time  except removing each and every nit and bug. Products are not completely safe
  • Check everyone in the house for head lice. Don't assume that because someone isn't itchy that they don't have lice. The best way to check for lice is take a close look at someones hair and if you see any bugs or nits.
  • At Lice Be Gone we don't use any chemicals or products. It's all about the combing. Using a bottle of conditioner and good metal nit comb are what will be most effective in getting out head lice. This video can help you see how to comb out lice 
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