How To Remove Head Lice

Removing head lice is all that matters when trying to get rid of them. Using products, regardless of being over the counter (OTC) or prescription won't entirely manage a head lice infestation. Removing each and every nit and louse is all that matters. 

Advice on removing head lice:

  1. Verify that someone has lice. Don't waste your time trying to remove lice if you don't actually know that someone has it. 
  2. Get a good metal nit comb. I prefer metal and not plastic because it's stronger and less likely to have gaps between the tines of the comb. This makes for a more uniform combing and you will be less likely to miss a spot.
  3. Wet the hair and comb through with white conditioner.
  4.  Section small pieces of hair and comb the hair.
  5. Wipe the comb onto a piece of white paper towel (nits will look beige or grey), you should be able to see nits and bugs if the person has lice. Don't assume that anything and everything that comes out are nits or lice. 
  6. Be Patient!

It can take several hours to comb out lice. At Lice Be Gone, we are often asked how long a job will take. The answer is always an approximation, we know once we are done how long it took. We intentionally don't charge for lice removal by the hour. We have a fixed, flat fee so that we can spend as long as necessary to get the job done. 

There's a lot of what we call "nit confusion". If you find something and you're not sure if it's lice, you are welcome to show us what you have. There is no obligation to use our service. You can contact us by email: , or phone: Short Hills- 973-467-5423, Bergen County- 201-447-5423