Lice Be Gone Suggests Pre-Camp Screenings

During the first day of sleep-away camp every camper is screened for head lice. Every camp manages the problem differently. Some send kids home and won’t allow them back for a week. This makes no sense to me since after just one treatment at our lice salon we solve the problem by removing every nit and egg. Some camps will remove the head lice and nits at the camp and may send the family a bill. Regardless of how it is managed, the child is excluded from their group and usually feels really bad!

One way to avoid your child going to camp with head lice is to have them properly screened beforehand. At Lice Be Gone, we do a thorough screening and if lice is detected we remove each and every nit and bug so that when a child gets to camp they can avoid any issues. Screenings also alleviate the anxiety kids have while waiting to be checked at camp.

Call Lice Gone Be 973-467-5423 for a pre-camp screening