Head Lice- Should I Tell?

Once you get over the shock of finding out that your child has head lice, and you stop scratching your own head, you need to share this information. Make the dreaded lice phone call. There is no shame in sharing the information, it will reduce the chances of your family getting it back again.  Chances are that one of your child's friends has it too and they might not even be aware of it. By letting other parents know, they can check and if necessary treat their child. Head lice are very contagious and the chances of someone else in their group (class, sleepover party they attended,  girl scouts, etc..) having it is significant.

Another word of advice--if you're the recipient of such a call, hold your breath, stay calm and thank the caller. When it's your turn to make the "lice call", you will want the person on the other end to be nice. Check your child, or bring them to a Lice Clinic for an inexpensive lice screening. One of our Head lice technicians will do a thorough screening and if necessary do a head lice treatment. Don't assume that because someone isn't itchy that they don't have head lice.

I agree that when Your Child Has Lice, Spread the Word!