Chemical Free Head Lice and Nit Removal vs. Using Chemical Products

  • Head Lice and Nits- all must be removed to be considered lice free. There is no such thing as using heat or any products that claim to damage nits. The only thing that matters is to have each and every louse and nit removed. A percentage of nits will otherwise hatch and then you start the whole cycle again.
  • Chemicals leave a residue on the hair, making it harder to remove the nits.
  • Some people are sensitive to the chemicals that are in over the counter (OTC) products or prescription products, causing irritation to their scalps.
  • Chemical products are expensive and will leave you frustrated when you see bugs because the nits weren't destroyed from the chemicals. Nothing will get rid of the eggs except combing them out. At Lice Be Gone we suggest using inexpensive white conditioner to help remove the eggs.
  • Head Lice Treatment: Comb them out instead of using Nix, Rid, or other chemicals

Linda Strand, RN, owner, Lice Be Gone, Short Hills NJ