Returing Home From Summer Camp

While sleep away camps have increased their screenings for head lice over the past few years, managing head lice there is still a challenge. We at Lice Be Gone recommend that you bring your camper in to our center directly from the camp bus. If your child is found to have head lice  we will remedy the situation in just one treatment and you can return home without the worry of spreading it around to the rest of your family and friends. You will also avoid having to change linens or any other tidying around your home. Most of the  screenings that are done "post camp" at Lice Be Gone are found to be negative but  there are always a few that do have lice. Don't assume that because your child isn't itchy, or because they were checked at camp that they are lice free. The only way to be 100% accurate when doing a screening is to do a "wet check".

If you decide to check on your own then here are some recommendations for doing a wet check:

  • Have your child wash their hair so that it is clean and will cause less confusion if there is any debris in their hair.
  • Put a little bit of white conditioner in their hair and using a metal nit comb, comb through their hair. Wipe the comb and conditioner that you've removed onto a white paper towel.
  • Examine the paper towel. If you see bugs or any oval shaped greyish looking specs, you might be finding lice or nits. You are welcome to bring whatever you have found into Lice Be Gone and we can verify if its a case of head lice.
  • If you want to try to remove it on your own then section off the hair into one inch pieces and comb with the conditioner and metal comb, wiping it in between until you see nothing else.  This process will take several hours to complete. 

Most of all don't panic. Getting rid of head lice can be a nuisance if doing it on your own but remember that there is no inherent health risk.

Linda Strand, R.N., Owner -  Lice Be Gone, Lice Be Gone