What To Do First When You Find Head Lice


  • The first task you have is to figure out if you or anyone else in your family (siblings, baby sitters, grandparents) has head lice. Don't assume that because nobody else is "itchy" that they are lice free.

  • Remove each and every bug and egg so that whoever had lice is now free of them. You can try it on your own, call us for tips on doing it on your own, or make an appointment at Lice Be Gone to have them quickly removed in just one appointment.

  • One of the most important steps in treating head lice is informing those around you that someone in your family has head lice. While this may not be your favorite phone call, it is a necessary one. This phone call will prevent the further spread of lice and it will help  ensure that your child won't get it back from their friends.  


  • Do not take your house apart! Lice don't live more than a day or two off of the head and you can't catch nits. The risk of getting lice from your home is almost impossible.  All that you need to do at home is change the linens of whoever has lice once, vacuum couches once, and disinfect your hair brushes.  That's it. Save your energy for removing lice and nits or come to Lice Be Gone and after one treatment you can go on and enjoy the rest of the day.



Linda Strand, R.N., Owner -  Lice Be Gone,