More Truths About Head Lice

Every single year head lice affect tens of millions of people worldwide. There are many myths and beliefs about head lice and lice treatment. People still think that it is as a result of poor hygiene. Many parents feel that they have neglected their child. I have heard parents (mostly moms) say "I feel like I have been a terrible mother, how could my child have so many bugs and I had no idea." Many parents and children feel a lot of shame when they or their child has head lice. THE TRUTH IS THAT THERE IS NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED ABOUT!  It's not a reflection of cleanliness and nobody did anything wrong. In fact, I believe there is little that can be done to prevent it. If you're unlucky enough to be in close contact with someone that has it, chances are that you too will get head lice. and it is still a shame for many parents when their own children come back home with lice and nits.

Commercial lice treatments that are approved by the FDA in my opinion and from my experience, don't  work, and they may also have undesirable side-effects people don’t know about. The only way to resolve the problem is by  REMOVING EACH AND EVERY LOUSE AND NIT. That is what we do at Lice Be Gone.

Linda Strand, RN, owner Lice Be Gone