Addressing Health Concerns About COVID-19

Lice Be Gone is pleased to welcome customers throughout New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Safety is our highest priority during these challenging times, and our team has implemented several precautions to minimize the spread of COVID-19 while accommodating the needs of our valued clients. If you or a loved one requires lice treatment, please be aware of our enhanced safety protocols when scheduling your appointment in Short Hills, NJ.

Our Commitment to Your Safety

Lice Be Gone’s owner, Linda Strand, has always been committed to providing effective lice treatment in a safe, clean environment. Thanks to more than 25 years of hospital experience as a Registered Nurse, she understands the importance of sanitary conditions for everyday operation and times of heightened health risks alike.

With careful consideration due to COVID-19, Linda and the Lice Be Gone team have implemented the following practices to best serve our clients while keeping them and our team safe.

We respectfully ask that you schedule an appointment for a later date if you have any of these high-risk factors for COVID-19 infection:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Exposure to someone with a known COVID-19 infection within the last two weeks
  • Overseas travel within the last two weeks

All visitors to our Short Hills lice treatment centers will be asked to follow simple safety protocols, which include:

  • Having your temperature taken before treatment
  • Answering a COVID-19 screening questionnaire before treatment
  • Maintaining social distance
  • Disinfecting hands upon entering the treatment center
  • Wearing a mask at all times (children under the age of 2 years are not required to wear a mask)

Please note that valve respirator masks are not permitted at our treatment centers. Please contact us with any questions about appropriate masks or safety practices.

Staff Precautions

The Lice Be Gone team will also adhere to safety and sanitization best practices to ensure our facilities are as safe as possible. These include:

  • Every staff member will have their temperature taken and answer a COVID-19 questionnaire daily before work
  • All lice technicians will wear a mask while working with clients
  • Staff will disinfect treatment rooms between serving clients

Additionally, both Lice Be Gone treatment centers will follow CDC cleaning guidelines for disinfectants, high-touch surfaces, and more.

Learn More About How We’re Keeping Clients Safe

If you or a loved one has been affected by lice, treatment doesn’t have to wait. Clients throughout Central and Northern NJ, as well as Staten Island, Rockland County, and Orange County in NY can visit our Short Hills locations today for expert lice elimination in just one treatment. To learn more, contact Lice Be Gone today

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