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Children, especially preschool and elementary school students, tend to be at the highest risk of getting head lice because they play closely together. Family members of school-aged children also have an increased risk of getting head lice as the children bring the infestation home. Removing head lice is difficult, because these insects are tiny, firmly attach themselves to your hair, and multiply quickly. Nits are the eggs produced by lice and are even harder to see and remove. At Lice Be Gone, we offer nontoxic, chemical-free lice removal treatment, which is safe for the entire family and guaranteed to have you and your children free of lice and nits after a single treatment.

Linda Strand, RN - Waldwick, NJ - Lice Be GoneAbout Our Founder

Linda Strand is the founder and owner of Lice Be Gone and a registered nurse with more than 25 years of nursing experience. Before opening Lice Be Gone, Linda worked at several hospitals, including Mt. Sinai Hospital and New York Hospital in New York City and University Medical Center at Princeton in Princeton, New Jersey.

Linda has also worked as a nurse at several children’s summer camps, which are a prime environment for lice outbreaks. As a sleepaway camp nurse, she learned how to successfully manage and treat head lice. Her treatment philosophy is to remove “each and every louse and nit in order to be considered lice free without the use of gimmicks, such as chemicals or heat treatments.”

Her philosophy offers a phenomenal result, which is that each person treated at Lice Be Gone leaves completely nit and lice free. Over the years, Linda and her team of trained technicians, or nitpickers, have successfully screened and treated thousands of clients suffering from lice infestations.

About Our 100% Natural Lice Treatment

Because the only way to get rid of lice is to remove every single louse and nit from every strand of hair, our nitpickers are extensively trained to ensure this outcome. Each of our clients is also checked a second time by another skilled head lice removal technician to make doubly sure that not one single louse or nit was missed. We spend as much time as necessary on our professional lice treatments, so we can confidently offer a 100% success rate guarantee. Other perks of our service include:

  • Reasonable flat fees without excessive hourly charges or travel fees
  • Meticulous and thorough treatment, no matter how long it takes
  • No premium price charged for weekend or evening appointments
  • Multiple head lice removal experts to take care of your entire family at once
  • No selling of unnecessary, expensive products like lice shampoo to follow up with at home

We’re the most experienced head lice removal company in the area. After one Lice Be Gone treatment, you can confidently return to school or work knowing you’re completely free of lice and nits. Best of all, the treatment is completely nontoxic and chemical free.

About Our Flexible Scheduling

Head lice are highly contagious, so if one family members gets them, the odds are pretty good that other members or even the entire household will become infected. Mobile lice treatment services may come to your home, but they typically can only handle one person at a time. We have ample staff, so we can treat your whole family simultaneously. There’s no need to spend all day getting treatment while each of you waits your turn. However, if some members of your family aren’t available at the same time, we also offer flexible appointments, so everyone can receive treatment when it’s convenient for them.

We also offer affordable, on-site screenings and treatment at schools and camps. At schools, we offer routine and emergency screenings, free education lice presentations, and participation in health fairs free of charge. At sleepaway and day camps, we provide first day of camp screenings and same-day lice removal to help prevent a lice outbreak, emergency screenings and treatment to manage a lice outbreak, and end of camp screenings and treatment to prevent campers from taking lice home with them.

Schedule Treatment Today

At Lice Be Gone, we guarantee you’ll be rid of head lice in just one treatment. We accommodate your busy schedule with flexible appointment times, including weekends, evenings, and same-day service. We serve clients throughout New Jersey and part of New York from our two convenient office locations, including New Jersey, and Staten Island, Rockland County, and Orange County, New York. Schedule your treatment by calling our Short Hills, New Jersey, office at 973-467-5423 today.

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