Head lice are small, wingless insects that attach to human hair and feed on blood to survive and multiply. When someone in your family gets head lice, it’s an unpleasant surprise you want gone quickly. Getting rid of lice is easy when you trust the professional technicians at Lice Be Gone. Our nontoxic, chemical-free lice removal treatment is safe for the whole family, and we guarantee you’ll be lice- and nit-free after only one treatment.

Our Natural Lice Removal Treatment

The only way to completely get rid of head lice is to remove every single louse and nit. At Lice Be Gone, we spend as much time as necessary to effectively find and remove lice and nits (lice egg) from every strand of hair. Our highly trained technicians work together, checking each other’s work to ensure complete lice removal. We have a 100 percent success rate for lice and nit removal, and we do it without using dangerous chemicals or heat treatments.

Our natural treatment process is so effective, we guarantee you’ll be lice-free after a single treatment. This saves you time, money, frustration and further embarrassment and allows your family to return to school, camp or work without the worry of infesting others. If you’re looking for the best head lice removal solution, turn to the experts at Lice Be Gone.

Other Lice Treatment Options

Over-the-counter treatments are expensive, require repeated use and are only moderately effective. These treatments typically contain pesticides and other chemicals that are potentially harmful and ineffective. Don’t waste your time and money on shampoos or chemical-based products that lice have become resistant to and that won’t penetrate and kill nits.

Head lice are highly contagious, so if one person in your family gets them, odds are good that other members will also become infected. Our treatment center has ample staff, so we can tend to your entire family simultaneously and in the same amount of time it takes mobile lice treatment services to treat one person.

Schedule Same-Day Service

Lice Be Gone rids you of head lice in one treatment, guaranteed. We offer flexible appointment times to accommodate your busy schedule, including same-day service. We have two convenient office locations to serve clients throughout New Jersey and part of New York. Contact us at 201-447-5423 to schedule an appointment at our central New Jersey office in Short Hills today.

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