Due to COVID-19 we will be closing our locations until further notice. If you'd like complimentary advice on lice treatment, please email us at staff@licebegone.net , and we'll return your email within a few hours.

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Discover why our treatment center is better than in-home service or DIY solutions.

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Why Lice Be Gone

Lice Be Gone services are done in a professional center which can not be compared to mobile lice removal services. Professional nitpickers are available weekdays, evening, and weekends. Lice Be Gone is available in your time of urgency.

Service Area

Locations Served

Lice Be Gone’s two New Jersey Lice center locations in Short Hills and Waldwick, Bergen County are conveniently located, making our lice treatment salons easy to access for most New Jersey, Staten Island, and Rockland County, NY families.


Lice FAQ

When it comes to getting rid of lice there is a lot of information out there, and to be truthful there are more myths than facts. Knowing your head lice facts will help reduce your fears and anxiety about your child getting lice, save your endless hours, days, and even weeks dealing with a rebounding nit and lice infestation, and from spending money on gimmicks and ineffective lice treatment shampoos and products.

It’s All About How
We Treat You

“Very professional and very knowledgeable staff. My kids had lice and Lice Be Gone did a fantastic job keeping them calm and making them feel very comfortable. The office was very clean and the staff was very courteous. Impeccable service and I highly recommend Lice be Gone to anyone in need of lice removal treatment.” -Antonio


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