What Do Nits Look Like?

Head lice and nits can be hard to find. Nits are symmetrical, oval and attached to the side of the hair at a slight angle. The photo below is of numerous nits. There is a lot of "nit confusion". You are welcome to contact us and we can determine if what you are seeing is lice related. 

The second photo is not of a nit, the third photo is a nit. 

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How To Remove Head Lice

Removing head lice is all that matters when trying to get rid of them. Using products, regardless of being over the counter (OTC) or prescription won't entirely manage a head lice infestation. Removing each and every nit and louse is all that matters. 

Advice on removing head lice:

  1. Verify that someone has lice. Don't waste your time trying to remove lice if you don't actually know that someone has it. 
  2. Get a good metal nit comb. I prefer metal and not plastic because it's stronger and less likely to have gaps between the tines of the comb. This makes for a more uniform combing and you will be less likely to miss a spot.
  3. Wet the hair and comb through with white conditioner.
  4.  Section small pieces of hair and comb the hair.
  5. Wipe the comb onto a piece of white paper towel (nits will look beige or grey), you should be able to see nits and bugs if the person has lice. Don't assume that anything and everything that comes out are nits or lice. 
  6. Be Patient!

It can take several hours to comb out lice. At Lice Be Gone, we are often asked how long a job will take. The answer is always an approximation, we know once we are done how long it took. We intentionally don't charge for lice removal by the hour. We have a fixed, flat fee so that we can spend as long as necessary to get the job done. 

There's a lot of what we call "nit confusion". If you find something and you're not sure if it's lice, you are welcome to show us what you have. There is no obligation to use our service. You can contact us by email: , or phone: Short Hills- 973-467-5423, Bergen County- 201-447-5423






How Is Head Lice Spread?

Head lice is very contagious. Being in close contact with someone with head lice can almost guarantee that you will catch it. As this article suggests  selfies are a big contributor to the spreading of head lice. I am never going to suggest that people stop having fun, but if you know that you have head lice, share the information so that others can decide if they want to be in such close contact with you. 

How To Get Rid of Head Lice

It's very basic, the only way to ensure that someone is lice free is to remove each and every nit and louse. Too often parents depend on products in their attempt to get rid of head lice. There are times where families will apply lice removal products to everyone in the family "just in case" someone has lice. This makes no sense but when people are anxious, they do illogical things! Relying on manually removing every nit is the only guarantee for success. Too often people rely on short cuts and don't spend the necessary time necessarty to hand remove nits and bugs. At Lice Be Gone, we never sell products as a replacement to manuall removal.

Super Lice

At Lice Be Gone, we don't use any chemicals or heat treatments.  We manually remove each and every louse and nit. Over the counter and prescription products  are not entirely effective. In fact, super lice, or chemical resistant lice  have evolved as a result of chemical use. The end result is that it has become increasingly difficult for families to manage a case of head lice on their own, without the help of a "nitpicking service such as Lice Be Gone.

Head Lice- Why You Need A Professional Nit Picker

Removing head lice requires patience, time and practice. Families come to Lice Be Gone frustrated after they have combed in their children in an attempt to remove nits and lice, only to find out that there are still many left behind. Removing every nit and louse is the only way to ensure that someone is lice free. Prescription products, over the counter products and natural products will help but it is not ever going to be 100% effective. Removing everything is the only way to guarantee success. At Lice Be Gone we remove every last bug and egg. 

Head Lice- Tips for Prevention

There are too many myths about head lice. Getting rid of head lice and nits on the head is not easy for most people. Vacuuming, doing laundry, changing linens etc. is easy and makes people feel like they're solving their family's lice situation and so they spend too much time with housecleaning. What really resolves the problem is getting every nit and louse out of the hair. That is the tough part and why professional head lice services are necessary to get the job done right the first time. 

Parents Upset Over Lack Of No Nit Policies

At Lice Be Gone we usually find that more than one person in a ftamily has head lice. There are times that a whole family has head lice. his is because head lice are very contagious. If a child is allowed to attend school with nits, that child should be considered to have lice. There is no way to determine when a nit will hatch which would set up a situation where a bug could transfer to another child. It doesn't matter if chemical treatments, or heat treatments have been used in an attempt to have that child lice free. As long as someone has nits, they should be considered to have an active case of head lice. Parents that spend the time and money to have their child and family nit and lice free are understandably upset at the lack of having a "no nit policy".

Head Lice--Feeling Itchy

While it's true that lice cause people to be itchy, it's also the case that  not feeling itchy does not mean that you don't have lice. As the article states, many people will scratch after having thousands of lice bite their head but some will scratch after just a day. Many parents will tell me that their child complained of having an itchy scalp but they assumed it was nothing. They have bought dandruff shampoo, blamed the itchiness on the weather being too hot, and too cold. I think that many people have some much fear about head lice and they find any other reason to explain itchiness other than the possibility of it being head lice. 

Difficulty In Treating Head Lice

Many parents feel overwhelmed when they find out their child has head lice. It's estimated that between six to twelve million children each year will get head lice. That number might be low because I find that many families don't share information about their children having head lice. In my experience, most teenagers refuse to discuss having head lice with their friends for fear of being ostracized. I appreciate their concerns but it's important to understand that without sharing information, their chances of re-infesting are increased. Without professional head lice removal services, the chances of getting out all nits and lice in one treatment is almost impossible. What To Do When You Find Out Your Child Has Head Lice offers some valuable information

Lice Be Gone Suggests Pre-Camp Screenings

During the first day of sleep-away camp every camper is screened for head lice. Every camp manages the problem differently. Some send kids home and won’t allow them back for a week. This makes no sense to me since after just one treatment at our lice salon we solve the problem by removing every nit and egg. Some camps will remove the head lice and nits at the camp and may send the family a bill. Regardless of how it is managed, the child is excluded from their group and usually feels really bad!

One way to avoid your child going to camp with head lice is to have them properly screened beforehand. At Lice Be Gone, we do a thorough screening and if lice is detected we remove each and every nit and bug so that when a child gets to camp they can avoid any issues. Screenings also alleviate the anxiety kids have while waiting to be checked at camp.

Call Lice Gone Be 973-467-5423 for a pre-camp screening 

Why Choosing Lice Be Gone's Natural Head Lice Removal Services vs. Prescription Medication

The newest prescription  pediculicide (lice killer) is Sklice. Outlined below are the results from their clinical study which they consider a success. The issue is that 14 days after the medication was used, only 76.1% of the users were lice free. When a person comes to Lice Be Gone, we consider the treatment a success if they are nit and lice free after just one treatment. While there are live lice, that person should be considered contagious. At Lice Be Gone, we consider a treatment to be successful when every nit and louse is removed without the use of any chemicals. 

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Head Lice visits Modern Family

Lice- "Modern Family" gets a case!! Lily has lice it looks like Claire does too. While scratching is a sign of head lice , a lack of having an itchy head doesn't mean that a person doesn't have head lice If you get notified that your child has been exposed to head lice, that is a great time to do a head lice screening by using a good metal nit comb. We at lice be gone call it a "wet check". You should consider taking a nit comb and combing through your child's hair and look for bugs and nits lice eggs). This is a great way to accurately check. You should consider bringing them in to Lice Be Gone, Short Hills, NJ for a proper head lice screening, or at least save anything that you consider suspicious and we at Lice Be Gone will take a look at it for you. Modern Family is my favorite show, and this episode is hysterical!!!!

Head Lice- Dreaded Phone Call

Jennifer Garner openly shared her head lice story, and using a professional head lice removal service company such as Lice Be Gone. Her description of combing the hair seems similar to what we at Lice Be Gone do, but we do not use any foul smelling product and we do not have a family comb for a month. We get all the nits and lice out the first time and make the follow-up to our treatment minimal.

Head Lice- Should I Tell?

Once you get over the shock of finding out that your child has head lice, and you stop scratching your own head, you need to share this information. Make the dreaded lice phone call. There is no shame in sharing the information, it will reduce the chances of your family getting it back again.  Chances are that one of your child's friends has it too and they might not even be aware of it. By letting other parents know, they can check and if necessary treat their child. Head lice are very contagious and the chances of someone else in their group (class, sleepover party they attended,  girl scouts, etc..) having it is significant.

Another word of advice--if you're the recipient of such a call, hold your breath, stay calm and thank the caller. When it's your turn to make the "lice call", you will want the person on the other end to be nice. Check your child, or bring them to a Lice Clinic for an inexpensive lice screening. One of our Head lice technicians will do a thorough screening and if necessary do a head lice treatment. Don't assume that because someone isn't itchy that they don't have head lice.

I agree that when Your Child Has Lice, Spread the Word!

Lice --Where Do They Come From?

Head Lice apparently have been around for more then 100,000 years! Head lice are no longer  a source of disease, but they are a social issue. I found this Reuters Health and Science article fascinating. It help to prove the point that the only way to manage head lice is to remove each and every nit and louse and no chemicals or heat treatments are ever going to be completely effective. Head lice are very adaptable.

Nitpickers - Why You Need One


Getting rid of head lice requires skill, patience and a certain kind of obsessive personality. Before any Lice Be Gone technician "combs" (does a head lice removal and nit removal service) they have literally trained and  apprenticed on at least a hundred other head lice removal combings. Only then can they be trusted to do a proper job. Every nitpicker at Lice Be Gone undergoes extensive training, is patient and yes, loves their job!!  Regardless of how skilled a nitpicker is at Lice Be Gone, each head lice technician's work is double checked by another head lice removal technician. This ensures that when a client leaves our head lice removal salon that they are nit and lice free.  

Each person that comes to our lice treatment salon is given what we call a "wet check", as seen on this video. Conditioner is applied to damp hair and combed through with a good metal nit comb. If any lice or nits are in the hair or on the scalp they will be found with this technique. If no head lice or nits are found then that person is declared to be "nit and lice free" and no additional treatment is required. We will not sell you any products as they aren't necessary. If head lice or nits are found, a technician will show you the nits or lice and begin removing each and every one of them. There is nothing quick about removing lice or nits, we take our time! When the head lice technician is done combing, another lice technician will check their work to ensure that every louse and nit is removed. Then the hair is washed and dried and the nitpicker will look through each piece of hair again, this time using the technique called  a "dry head lice check" and if any nits are left, they will be removed. The second head lice technician does the second dry check and only then is the person who has been worked on, is declared nit and lice free. This two step process is what has made Lice Be Gone, Short Hills NJ the most successful nit picking head lice treatment salon.

Parents can try to handle the lice removal job on their own but if they miss any lice eggs or lice then they risk passing on to others (including themselves) while they tirelessly do the job. Most people  just don't have expertise, time or patience required to  get the job done. It is important to have every family member screened by a "wet check", regardless of hair length. At Lice Be Gone we say, "if you have hair then you can have lice."

Linda Strand, R.N., Owner Lice Be Gone, Short Hills, NJ